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{October 15, 2016}   Supernatural : Just My Imagination

This episode felt very Whedonesque to me.  I actually looked the episode’s writer up to see if she was a former Buffy/Angel/Whedonverse writer, but as far as I can tell, she isn’t.  But the absurdity of this episode felt very like an old school Buffy episode, with Dean standing in as straight man for Buffy (or Angel, depending on the episode in question I guess).  The episode was also directed by our very own Gabriel, or Richard Speight Jr. as I guess he is also known, so I suppose the whimsy makes sense.

Anyway.  We start in a little girl’s bedroom.  She’s having a tea party with her imaginary friend, a sort of man-unicorn hybrid she calls Sparkles.  The little girl leaves to go to dinner with her parents, and Sparkles settles in with a book.  A little later, an unknown person enters the room and murders him.  When the little girl comes home, she sees the horror before her and screams.

Bunker.  Sam gets up and makes some coffee and completely ignores the kitchen table totally full of unhealthy treats.  Sully hops out of nowhere to surprise Sam, and Sam punches him.  Hee!  Dean, hearing the ruckus, enters, and sees Sam holding on to thin air.  Sam is confused that Dean can’t see Sully, and says he was Sam’s imaginary friend when he was little.  Dean wants his gun, and refuses to believe Sully exists even when he can see him.  They fight, and finally go to the library, where Sam finds a passage about zannas, which are helpful creatures that assist lonely children.

Sully wants them to check out Sparkles’s case, because he knows they’re badass hunters.  Dean agrees reluctantly, and they end up outside the house.  Sam offers to handle this alone, but Dean refuses, and they go up to the house and introduce themselves to the little girl’s mom as county-appointed grief counselors.  They look like a Mr. Rogers strip-o-gram (and THAT is a fetish I could’ve lived forever without knowing I had, so thanks a lot, Supernatural), so I don’t know why she believes them, but she lets them in and takes them up to the bedroom.  Maddie, the girl, won’t sleep in there.

Somehow they manage to get this mother of a troubled child to leave the strange men alone in her daughter’s bedroom, and Sully lets them see the bloodbath.  Jesus, the blood is glittery!  Somebody had a hell of a lot of fun with the set design, I think.  Dean notices the glitter, and Sully says that Sparkles couldn’t stop shining even in death.  Shine on, you poor dead mancorn.  Shine on.

The mom comes back in and cleans up the tea set, unknowingly smearing blood all over herself as she talks, which horrifies the boys.  See?  Whedonesque.  Dean suggests a family shower, and I guess the mom is so worried about her kid that she doesn’t realize how obsessive this strange man is being about her family’s personal hygiene.

Flashback to little Sam, who is disappointingly not Colin Ford because Colin Ford had the audacity to actually grow up.  Sully is with Sam, and encourages him to answer the phone.  It’s young Dean, and they got that great kid from Season Ten back for this short scene.  Young Dean tells Sam that he can’t go on the hunt with them, and that he needs to wait at the hotel.  He belittles him for having an imaginary friend too, because young Dean has clearly been spending way too much time with his asshole of a father.

Back to the present.  Somewhere else, another little girl is playing in her pool with her mermaid imaginary friend.  The little girl leaves, and again, mermaid’s dead.

Sully leads the boys to this house too, and they see the dead mermaid.  They bury her, and how long was that family going to be gone for anyway?  They’re there a really long time.  So Sully thinks maybe Nicky’s (the mermaid’s) boyfriend Weems might’ve killed her, since Nicky and Sparkles maybe had a thing on the side.

Another flashback, same hotel room.  Sam and Sully are playing a game where they talk about things they might want to do.  Sam confesses that he sometimes thinks about running away.

Present.  Weems is hanging with his charge, and starts cleaning up their toys when the boy goes in to get ready for bed.  He wanders around some laundry drying (who has that many sheets?) and gets stabbed.

You know, Sully really sucks as a manager.  He didn’t think to send out an APB on the zanna killer?  Let the others in the area know to be careful?  Doesn’t even have a special zanna cleanup crew for poor Maddie’s room?  Anyway, so they go to interview Weems and find him nearly dead, and tell him about Nicky and Sparkles.  Weems is devastated, because that’s their whole “crew,” and I’m telling you this feels like a Whedon episode.  I’m not complaining, it’s just a little odd.  Supernatural has its share of comedy and absurdity, but it has a different feel than what we’re seeing here.

Weems then realizes who Sam is, and tells Sam that when Sam rejected Sully, Sully was devastated.  Sam then remembers it happening, where Sully had packed for them to leave but Sam had gotten a call from John, telling him he could join them on the hunt.  How fucking old is Sam supposed to be here?  John just expects him to travel to wherever he and Dean are and join them?  Did Jeffrey Dean Morgan piss off the writers at some point, because really, he’s the worst father in the history of the universe.  So Sam and Sully fight, and Sam says he wishes he could unmake Sully and runs off.

Oh and during this, Weems remembered seeing a girl and a VW Bug, and Dean takes off to try and track the killer.  I’m so happy this doesn’t work, because that would just be dumb.

Back in the present, Sam apologizes to Sully for how he treated him.  Sully says he doesn’t consider Sam to be his biggest failure, because he kept track of Sam and knows he saved the world and all that good stuff.  Sam tells him about the Darkness and his visions, and Sully wants to know if Sam still thinks about running away.  He doesn’t, and hasn’t for a long time.  I wonder when the last time he thought about it was.  Back in “Shadow,” he talked about wanting to kill the demon and go back to his normal life.  Sometime in the second season, I bet.  I don’t think he thought about running away after “All Hell Breaks Loose.”  He stayed in the game after Dean died, albeit drunkenly, and in Season Five when he and Dean briefly parted ways, it was more because Sam was worried about the demon blood thing than any desire to have a normal life.

Dean texts Sam and tells him he found the girl and where to meet him, but when Sam and Sully arrive, it turns out the girl managed to overpower Dean and tie him up, and she texted because she wants to kill Sully.  She was one of his kids too, and her twin sister was killed when they were playing tag and the sister ran into the street.  Man, Sully has a terrible track record.  I just don’t know that I’d trust him to be my kid’s imaginary friend, you know?

Sully goes all angsty and apologizes, and says that if it really will make the girl feel better, she can kill him, because he does what the kids need.  But Dean manages to talk her down and she and Sully hug, and then she gets to just go on her merry way even though she’s a murderer, because murdering creatures is different than humans, even when those creatures are established as being basically as good as humans.

That’s what the spinoff should’ve been.  None of that Chicago first families bloodlines crap.  Supernatural cops!  I await my check, CW!

Denouement.  Sully makes himself vanish after bidding Sam and Dean goodbye.  As they drive away, Sam talks about the Cage.  Dean insists they’ll find another way to beat the Darkness, and Sam says that’s fine, but wants to know what that is.  Dean doesn’t have an answer for him.  So we’re going to be seeing Lucifer pretty soon, I think.

Overall, not my favorite episode of the season, but it was fun and engaging and made me forget it was basically filler.  Next time we’ll get to the good stuff.


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