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{October 29, 2016}   Supernatural: O Brother Where Art Thou?

Hello everyone!  IS THE ELECTION OVER YET???

We start the episode in a park, with a bunch of fundamentalists talking about God’s wrath and fire. Amara’s there, all grown up now, and talks to the leader. She finds out that God gets irritated, and so decides to try to irritate him. She calls down lightning and murders the fundamentalists, then asks the sky, “Well?”

Now to another of Sam’s visions, this time of him in the Cage with Lucifer. When he snaps out of it, he asks God if what he’s seeing is really what God wants. A nearby bush catches fire.

Dean and Sam argue about Sam’s visions and seeing Lucifer. Or rather, they discuss it very loudly. Dean tries to argue that “sometimes bushes just burn!” Oh, Dean. Sam wants to know what Dean thinks they should do instead, but Dean doesn’t really have any answers.

So they go to meet with Crowley, in an atmospheric alleyway, to find out if they can talk to Lucifer. Crowley doesn’t really want to help them, and they fight about the Darkness. Crowley calls her Dean’s girlfriend, and asks what their relationship really is. Dean doesn’t want to answer that, so he tells Crowley that Amara is God’s sister.

Crowley, ever practical: “He has relatives?” Ha! Then they get down to business. Crowley thinks there’s a way they can talk to Lucifer, and it has to be in hell, so they have some measure of control. Oh, ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. These silly boys, thinking they’ll ever have any control over Lucifer.

Voiceover of some guy urging all angels to stand together and fight. Then we’re in a room, and it’s that same angel from the third episode, the one who had a drink with a demon in that bar. The way it’s shot, I think at first that he’s practicing a motivational speech, and it’s pretty funny, especially with how completely earnest he is about the whole thing. But then it pans out and we see he’s got other angels with him.

The angels complain that the Darkness is God’s sister, and so she’s God’s problem, not theirs. Our brave little toaster angel rightfully points out that since God’s not around, she’s likely to take out her anger on his creation, including them. A little more of this and he’s successful in convincing them to band together and fight the Darkness.

Amara’s found a church, now. It’s large and picturesque and almost totally empty except for a few women praying, and the priest. Amara tells the priest that she needs to talk to God – a meeting “in a room.” He clearly has no idea what she’s talking about or what he’s dealing with, so he tries all the priestly platitudes about faith and prayer. He urges Amara to try prayer out, and hilariously, she does.

Any guesses on what her prayer was? “Dear Brother, if you don’t get your worthless ass down here RIGHT NOW I am going to SMASH ALL YOUR TOYS!” Or something. Shockingly, it doesn’t work, so she and the priest chat a bit about God. She’s pretty disgusted when she finds out what Christianity’s all about, and offended when the priest says that God is the Light that banishes the Darkness. Well, can you really blame her for that? So she starts with the killing.

Crowley’s back on his throne, and he’s captured Rowena somehow. Just go with it, because they need her. They bicker till the Winchesters come in, and Rowena is disgusted that Crowley’s just handing her over to them. She mocks Dean for whatever horror he’s unleashed on the world now. In all fairness, that wasn’t Dean. That was Sam, and Cas, and Rowena herself. Dean told them not to do it, so I don’t think it’s fair to blame him.

Instead, they’re going to work together, even if they don’t trust each other. They explain the Cage to her, and discuss the warding. Rowena says she needs the Codex and Charlie’s codebreaker, and asks what’s so dangerous about the Cage. She’s very hesitant to help, but once Sam tells her they’re going to talk to Lucifer, then she’s all on board. I mean, come on, boys. That should’ve been a gigantic clue as to what was going to happen.

Back to church. Amara has killed everyone and is in the process of eating the priest’s soul. Then she yells at her brother for letting this happen.

Dean went to investigate the church, which seems like a waste of time considering what they’re planning. He and Sam chat on the phone. Why the hell did Dean go to this church in the first place? I mean, it’s Amara, of course, but they didn’t know that till he got there. Dean tells Sam he hates “this” – meaning Sam’s planned chat with Lucifer. He tells Sam not to do anything till Dean gets there.

Okay, number one: how did Dean even learn about the church thing? Number two: why even go? Based on the conversation he has with Sam, they had no idea it was an Amara thing until he got there and talked to the witnesses. Oh, and three: what fucking witnesses? Weren’t they all dead?

Well, this is all just a way to get Dean and Sam separated, of course. So let’s check in with Sam, why don’t we?

He and Rowena are at the bunker, and arguing about whether or not Sam trusts her – I mean, the answer is obvious. Rowena mocks him for his daddy issues, and then finds whatever it is she’s been looking for. So they’re ready to head to hell.

With how quickly she found it, I can only assume that Rowena found it before their talk, and delayed telling Sam so she could needle him. See, this is why I love Rowena. She always takes the time for the important stuff, like sarcasm.

Dean wanders around a children’s park, and then everything goes quiet. Sound comes back briefly, and he orders a hot dog. Sam calls, but he ignores it, because he turns and sees Amara standing in front of him.

Rowena is pissed at the wait, and so Sam decides to move forward even though he can’t get in touch with Dean. To be fair, he did try.

Amara transports Dean…somewhere. In the wilderness. They talk, it’s vaguely boring. Nothing we don’t already know. They have a special bond, they will always help each other, they can’t kill each other. Amara does talk a little about her plans. She says that the souls she’s consumed are a part of her now. Dean wants to know what she plans to do after fighting God, and she won’t tell him. Oh, and Amara tells Dean she and God had no daddy, so they can’t go back next season and fight God’s father I guess. Maybe they had a mom.

So now’s as good a time as any, I guess, to express my abject disappointment that Amara is God’s sister, and not God’s wife. There’s even mythological precedent! Yahweh or El are the typical names used for the Christian God, and Asherah or Athirat is his consort/wife in both the Israelite and Ugaritic pantheons. Christianity typically considers her a demon, but they consider all creatures that aren’t God or angels demons so whatever to them. And personally, I don’t see how there can be a God but not a Goddess for Creation to exist. Most species on Earth require a male and a female for procreation. So I would’ve preferred for Amara to be God’s wife, but whatever. I guess that ship has sailed.

All right. Hell. Crowley claims they’re in “limbo” which is where he banishes pesky souls, but is not the same as Purgatory. It’s secure and in the farthest reach of hell, so ideal for meeting Lucifer. Rowena sets up, marking up a cage with symbols, and assures Sam she’s a total professional so the warding won’t fail. She’s exceedingly giddy throughout the process, lighting up the symbols and surrounding the cage with fire, and then saying she was going to have a try at the actual Cage.

You know what I just realized? That fire is probably some kind of holy oil, to keep Lucifer from breaking free. I thought it was just ambiance. I’ll show myself out.

Rowena continues. The fire flares, and then dies down a little, and then Lucifer appears, all glowy eyes. He bitches at Crowley for sucking in general, but his tune changes when he catches sight of Sam. He’s so excited! “Hug it out!” Oh man, I missed you, Lucifer.

Crowley and Rowena are in the background, trying to figure out what Sam and Lucifer are saying. They argue about whether it was okay for her to try to kill him. Crowley, I mean, not Lucifer. They’re so cute together, guys. I want them to reconcile.

Lucifer wants to know what’s up, as “I don’t really get visitors.” Aw! Why does that make me feel bad for him? He’s the ultimate bad boy, I guess. Sam and Lucifer talk about the Darkness. Lucifer wants to know where God is, and Sam tells him about the visions he’s been getting. He’s quite excited that God wanted Sam to talk to him. Oh, and Lucifer says that the Darkness is “determined to take over everything…prone to tantrums.” Like somebody else we know, I think! Like aunt, like nephew?

Dean and Amara. She’s still pissy about God. Why couldn’t these two yahoos just make their own creations? Was the universe too small for them both? Couldn’t they both have their own toys and play quietly next to each other?

Sam and Lucifer continue talking. Lucifer mentions he needs a vessel. Sam is shocked – SHOCKED – at this turn of events. I guess he thought Lucifer would just tell them how to defeat the Darkness. But how on earth did Sam think he’d be able to accomplish it, considering he’s just a human?

Okay, dumb question. But I was surprised by how shocked Sam was about the whole vessel thing.

Dean tries to kill Amara with an angel blade. Of course, it doesn’t work. He looks very surprised. Amara makes to eat Dean’s soul, but instead they kiss.

Sam and Lucifer argue. Well, Sam yells, and Lucifer is all, yeah, I do need your vessel. I do think it’s hilarious that Lucifer is offended that Sam thinks he’s crazy, considering that Sam is working with Crowley, which makes him even crazier, and crazy people shouldn’t throw stones at glass houses or something like that.

Dean and Amara break apart, and Dean is horrified by the whole bond thing. Their conversation gets interrupted by Toaster and two of his henchangels, who say they’re taking Amara into custody. If she fights, Heaven will team up against her in a single nuclear angel blast. She kills all three of the angels without a thought. Including our brave little motivational Toaster.

I guess you could say he was…toasted.

You shut up. That was an excellent joke and I have been waiting for WEEKS to use it!

The sky starts to boil, and Amara says maybe God will finally hear her. She sends Dean back to the park, and we see Heaven’s blast engulf her.

Okay, I know she’s supposedly evil and all, but that was pretty fucking badass, am I right?

Dean reappears at the park, and nobody even notices. Sadly for him, he doesn’t get his hot dog.

Sam tells Lucifer he’ll never say yes to him, and the warding starts to fail. The fire dies. Crowley is horrified, but Rowena just tells him to follow her and they leave the chamber or wherever they are. Lucifer brings Sam into the cage. Sam says he actually feels very calm, just as his visions indicated he would. But then Lucifer reveals that it wasn’t God who’d sent Sam the visions, it was him. Because the Cage was damaged when the Darkness was freed, he was able to peek through and send out messages to the outside.

A tear slides down Sam’s face, and I’d mock the single manly tear thing, except Sam looks so freaking lost. We never see Sam look hopeless, and we don’t often see him cry. Dean’s the more emotional one, despite his whole “no chick flick moments” shtick. But Sam, he’s more level headed. This isn’t to say he’s not kind, because I think he’s kinder and more empathetic than Dean.

But Sam has always wanted to believe in God and in angels. He used to pray. (My personal headcanon is that he stopped praying after the Cage, but that he started up again when he started getting the visions – hence, “It’s been awhile” when he was sitting in the chapel back in Episode 2.) He was disappointed in what angels were when he first met Cas and Uriel, but I think he still had some faith in God. And he’s been thinking he’s been communicating with God, and that in turn God cares about him and the rest of the world enough to send the messages. But now, knowing that God wasn’t the one who did it, that he hasn’t been there for Sam or anyone else, that he likely doesn’t even care? Man, that tiny moment spoke VOLUMES to me about Sam Winchester’s faith. And seeing it crumble broke my fucking heart.

I mean. Not enough that I don’t want Lucifer around, of course. And we will be seeing more of him, of course, since Sam’s locked in the cage with him and all.

So I guess Rowena’s warding failed only enough to bring Sam into the cage for an up close and personal talk? Or is Lucifer free to leave, but doesn’t, because he doesn’t have a vessel so it would be pointless? We never really find out, so I guess it doesn’t matter that much.


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