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{November 13, 2016}   Supernatural: The Devil in the Details

I’m so irritated right now.  I had this review, and a bunch of other reviews, almost done, and then my computer shut down for updates and I wasn’t able to recover them.  So unfortunately most of my hilarious jokes and keen insights have been lost to the sands of time (or the updates of my laptop).  So we’ll have to make due with what I can remember.

The episode opens with Crowley, dressed in footie pajamas, crouched by a large Christmas tree.  Rowena comes down the stairs wearing horrible Christmas attire, complete with reindeer antlers and a blinking red nose.  Some heartwarming Christmas carol plays in the background while Crowley rips into his gifts.  He exults that he got a Funko Pop Sam doll.  Rowena is less than impressed.  Me, too, honestly.  My Funko Pop Castiel has wings, Crowley, and he’ll be gracing the top of my tree this year if I have anything to say about it.  Sorry, Grandma, but your heirloom German pointer thingy might end up displaced.

I can feel Grandma’s irritation all the way from the afterlife.  Maybe they can share.

Someone bangs on the door and knocks it down, and Santa himself waltzes in and murders Crowley with a sharpened candy cane.  Rowena reveals that she’s having a nightmare, and Santa reveals himself to be Lucifer, much to her delight.  So I guess Dana Carvey was right, huh?

That joke made me feel old, but I’m leaving it because it’s hilarious.

Cut to Sam and Lucifer in the Cage.  Lucifer explains that Rowena did help him (duh) and calls her a groupie with a dismissive look on his face.  He’s way more into Sam, you see, and takes him on a walk down memory lane.  The first memory is teenage Sam (Colin Ford!) having a study and makeout session with a girl.  Lucifer says that this is the Sam he remembers, who was bold and take charge and a “solid B on the tongue action” so now I know what some of Sam’s Cage memories are.

The second memory is from the apocalypse, when Sam regained control of his body and jumped into the Cage.  Lucifer says that he respects Sam, but doesn’t like him (he’s sort of prissy), because he stood up to Lucifer and won.  Oh, and we get to relive “assbutt” which makes me really happy.  Oh, Cas.  And we get the sad “Swan Song” music in the background during the flashback, which was kinda WTF – like, were Sam and Lucifer hearing the music?  Did Lucifer include it in the flashback?

The third memory is of Sam and Amelia, talking about – what was her husband’s name?  Dan?  Dave?  Don?  It doesn’t matter.  Lucifer says that this is the worst thing that Sam ever did, when he didn’t look for Dean while he was in Purgatory.  Personally I think it’s the most out of character thing he ever did, but then, this isn’t a review of Season Eight.  Lucifer argues that, because of this and how guilty Sam still feels about it, Sam would do anything to save Dean (and vice versa), even at the expense of the world.  And…he’s not wrong.  Sam gave up the Trials and failed to slam the Gates of Hell (also Season Eight!) because Dean asked him to.  And technically, if he’d gone forward with it, they wouldn’t be in their current predicament.  Abaddon would’ve been locked in Hell along with the rest of them (most likely) and Dean wouldn’t have needed to take the Mark to kill her.

Back in Limbo’s anteroom, Crowley and Rowena argue.  Rowena reveals she’s been working for Lucifer for about a month, and Crowley mocks her for needing a man, since she used to be all about the #girlpower.  Rowena says that Lucifer isn’t a man, he’s perfection.  And…let’s see.  Mark Pellegrino, Jared Padalecki, and (spoiler spoiler bo boiler!) Misha Collins…yeah, I’m going to go ahead and agree with her assessment.

Crowley chokes Rowena, and she gasps out that Lucifer will be angry if she dies, and that he shouldn’t pin his hopes on Sam Winchester’s ability to resist the dark prince.  Crowley backs off, grumbling.

Elsewhere, Dean drives.  He calls Sam and Crowley, and gets their voice mails.  I don’t know why Sam kept his, since Dean was making jokes about waxing, but it was funny so I laughed.  Crowley’s voice mail is a businesslike greeting that includes the words “ginger whore.”  Is that fair?  I never got the feeling that Rowena was particularly promiscuous.

Anyway, while he’s driving, things go blurry, and he ends up having to pull the car over and jump out to vomit.  And it’s gross, and I was eating dinner when I watched this episode, so thanks a lot, Dean.

Castiel’s voice comes to Dean out of a haze.  Turns out that he’s behind him, and says he came as soon as Dean called.  When did Dean call him?  We saw the calls to Sam and Crowley, why not the one to Cas?  Did Dean just pray to him?  Also, how the everloving fuck did Dean know where to go?  Amara transported him to the freaking wilderness and then back again.  There weren’t any landmarks and they didn’t talk about where they were.  Where the fucking fuck are they even?  How did Castiel get there so quick?  Did Dean call him before he left the park to drive to this unnamed location?  He can’t teleport, remember, and his car’s right there behind the Impala.  And when did he get that back, anyway?  Did he steal it back from Metatron?  I didn’t think Metatron had it anymore.

I fucking hate this scene, if it wasn’t already obvious.

Okay, moving on.  Cas says that Dean’s suffering from “smiting sickness,” and that it’s what killed Lot’s wife.  I thought Balthazar’s handy salt crystal thing was what killed her, but WHATEVER, moving on again.  Cas performs an adorable medical examination, ending by telling Dean he needs to take his temperature while holding up a finger.  Dean slaps his hand away, horrified.  You know, Dean, I assumed Cas was just going to touch your forehead, but considering your reaction I now think you thought he was going to do something much, much dirtier.

Castiel says that he can go to the nuke site, since smiting sickness doesn’t affect angels, but that Dean can’t.  Dean tries to argue, but a new wave of nausea hits him, and he says he’s going to check on Sam.  He tells Cas that if Amara’s dead, he wants Cas to bring out her body.  Why, so you can cry over it?

Wow, that was way harsh, Tai.  I need to get out of this scene.  Even Castiel’s adorable medical eval wasn’t enough to save it for me.

Dean ends up back at the bunker, bellowing for Sam.  Crowley calls, and Dean postures, and honestly, Dean, their doing this without you is on you, not them.  You bailed at the eleventh hour to go investigate a maybe, and they needed to move forward.

Crowley clearly told Dean where to go, because next he’s showing up at some dingy warehouse.  Billie’s inside, and she asks for a password, which Dean is extremely reluctant to give.  Finally he sings a verse of “Camptown Races” and oh, Crowley, you sneaky bastard.  Why go for pain when you can go for humiliation, I guess.  I wish we could’ve seen Dean’s face when Crowley told him the password.

Billie introduces herself, and Dean recognizes her name.  She ominously tells him that she doesn’t plan to kill him or Sam, just make sure that when they die, they stay dead.  Then she gives him a large wooden box to give to Crowley.

Crowley and Rowena are still sniping at each other, and a demon comes over to serve them tea.  It’s a ruse, of course, because Crowley poisoned the tea and Dean traps Rowena with the witchcatcher that was in the box.  Crowley says now she has to do what he says, so she’ll do the spell to put Lucifer back in the Cage.

Castiel investigates the forest, and runs smack into the cutest little bean counter Heaven has to offer.  Her name is Ambriel, she’s an angel, she has great hair and glasses, and she makes awkwardly funny about Cas’s penchant for killing his own kind.  I adore her on sight.  Can we keep her, please?

Cas waves his blade around, demanding to know if “they” say he kills angels.  Ambriel suggests they work together, so “no one murders anyone,” and Castiel agrees, putting away his angel blade.  He looks so disappointed that he won’t get to murder anyone!

Castiel says he never wanted his own kind to hate him, and Ambriel assures him that she doesn’t hate him, since they have a lot in common.  They both look awesome in a trench coat, and their names rhyme, after all!  She then tells him that she searched the other end of the forest and didn’t see anything weird.  Cas asks her why, in that case, is it dark in the middle of the afternoon?  (Sidebar: do you think he’s enjoying the first time ever he gets to be the knowing one?)  She admits this is an excellent question, and he raises his eyes to the sky in long-suffering exasperation.  I’ve seen that look on many people’s faces, usually because of something I said or did.  Which makes no sense, because I am both funny and adorable.

Oh my God, you guys, I think I love Ambriel so much because I am her.  So what do you think will happen to the show’s version of me?

Ambriel tells Castiel that she knows the stories about him, and thinks they’re both expendable, since they aren’t heroes, but they do the job, and she thinks there’s nobility in that.  Wow.  She’s self-hating too?  It’s like looking in a mirror, people.  Well, a mirror that reflects a far more attractive person who is also probably younger.  But other than that!

Cas hangs back a bit, saddened by her assessment, and says he’ll catch up.  Really, Cas, you should realize she clearly heard these stories from Metatron, who sucks.  Maybe you could go beat him up again to feel better?  You enjoyed that.

Ambriel stumbles across Amara’s body, and leans over her.  Amara wakes up, grabs her, and eats her.  So I don’t last more than a couple of scenes because Cas needed to contemplate his navel.  Sigh.  Seems pretty fitting, honestly.  Fare thee well, you gorgeous little me!

One effect I really liked: as Amara healed, all the darkness sort of rushed up back inside of her, making it daylight again.  That was pretty cool.  What isn’t cool (maybe we could even call it uncool?  Sorry not sorry!) is the conversation that girlfriend Amara has with ex-boyfriend Cas, where she calls him weak and used up and not even worth the effort to kill.  Sure there, Amara.  You not killing him has nothing to do with how pissed off Dean would be if you did.

You know, she didn’t even try to convince him to join a three way with her and Dean.  Bush league, Amara.  I mean, I know you’ve only been alive for like six months, but that’s the kind of short sightedness I just can’t get behind.  Then she says she has a job for him anyway, and teleports him away.  She leans up against a tree, clearly winded.

Cas appears in the warehouse, gasping and in obvious pain.  Billie barely looks up from her reading.  “Hey,” she says, totally placid.  Maybe she’s mildly annoyed he interrupted her when she got to the good part.  Between her and Rowena, this season is about men who freak out and the women who roll their eyes at them.

Sam and Lucifer are back in the cage (but not the Cage, just the temporary holding cell from last episode).  They are arguing.  Lucifer argues that because Raphael and Gabriel are dead and Michael’s in no shape to be fighting, he’s really their best shot.  He says he knows he’s not the good guy, but he’s willing to pitch in and help out.  He’s so into his pep talk, it’s amazing.  Sam wants to know what happens once the Darkness is defeated.  Lucifer says he’ll move to L.A. and solve crimes (ha!), but Sam thinks he’ll just re-start the apocalypse.  Lucifer is hilariously defensive when he protests that Sam doesn’t really know he’d do that, but then says even if he did, it was better than what Amara had in store for them.  Sam still refuses to say yes, and so Lucifer starts with the physical persuasion portion of the evening.

Castiel has made it down to Limbo, and shows off Amara’s message.  His chest is burned with the words “I am coming.”  What the actual fuck is that?  I mean, yes, I know they are words.  I guess this was just an excuse to see Misha Collins’s chest?  That’s okay by me.  Maybe I should stop complaining when the show tosses half-naked hotties at us.

They hear Sam’s yells, and Dean and Castiel run into Limbo.  Lucifer calls them “Dean and the other one,” even though he makes it clear a few seconds later that he knows Castiel’s name.  He snaps them into the cage, and then decides they need some ambiance.  “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel” starts playing overhead, and Lucifer dances for a few seconds.  It is wonderful.  He looks so happy.  You know how you feel when you run into an old friend, and you didn’t realize how much you missed them till you saw them again?  That’s sort of how I feel about Mark Pellegrino.  I missed you so much as Lucifer, Mark, and I didn’t even realize it till you came back!

The expression on Dean’s face is wonderful.  He literally cannot believe that this shit is happening.  And Castiel attacks.  Lucifer pretends to beat him up while whispering that he’s the only one who can take out the Darkness, and that Castiel knows it.  When Castiel isn’t convinced, he starts beating him up for real.

Anteroom.  Rowena is getting the spell ready.  She cautions Crowley that if Sam says yes, Lucifer will be anchored to earth in his new vessel, and the banishment spell won’t work.

Back to the cage.  Lucifer briefly gets the upper hand.

Anteroom.  Rowena lights the candles.

Cage.  Lucifer beats on Sam some more, then attacks Dean.

Anteroom.  Rowena pulls out an athame and slices her palm.

Cage.  Lucifer has Dean pinned, but Castiel jumps on his back.  Cas is thrown against the bars.  He goes for his blade, but Lucifer steps on it.

Anteroom.  Rowena spits into one of her hands.

Cage.  Lucifer draws back his fist to deliver a killing blow.  “Any last words?” he asks.

Anteroom.  Rowena incants and claps her hands together.

Cage.  A brilliant yellowish light engulfs Lucifer and the cage, and when it fades, Lucifer is gone.

OR IS HE????

Aftermath.  Crowley complains about how big a waste of time that was, and tells the boys he’s keeping Rowena.  Then he kicks them out of Hell.

The boys exit the warehouse, and Castiel tells them to go on ahead.  The boys depart, Sam wondering if Cas is okay.  Dean thinks they all just need time, and Sam wonders if he should have said yes to Lucifer.  Dean disagrees, because he thinks that having Lucifer topside along with the Darkness would’ve been a nightmare.

Back in the Limbo anteroom.  Rowena is massaging Crowley’s temples and looking pained.  Crowley asks why she hates him, and she gives him a long yarn about her terrible upbringing and what he reminds her of when she looks at him.  She ends by saying that if she didn’t hate him, she’d love him, and love is a weakness she’ll never allow herself to feel again.  It’s a great little scene, and excellent work by the actress.

It’s really too bad it’s going to be overshadowed by what’s about to happen.

We hear a noise like a metal door screeching shut, and Crowley looks over to see a suddenly healed Castiel.


Flashback.  Lucifer asks for last words, and Castiel’s are, “Can you really beat her?”  When Lucifer confirms that yes, he can, CASTIEL SAYS YES.

So he is “Casifer” for the duration of this experiment.  That was the portmanteau I liked best.

Casifer flings a terrified Crowley against the wall, and flirts with Rowena.  He frees her from the witchcatcher, confirms she’s the only one who can open the Cage, and snaps her neck.

Fucking DAMMIT, I have to lose two female characters I like in the same episode?  And what’s with murdering all the sassy redheads?  Anna, Abaddon, Charlie, and now Rowena.  Four is a pattern, and I bet I could think up more if I wanted.  You have a problem, Supernatural!

All right, onward.  Since I knew this was going to happen way before I watched the episode, I was afraid that Castiel saying yes was going to be contrived somehow, or make no real sense.  I couldn’t understand why Castiel would ever agree to become Lucifer’s vessel, knowing what he knows about him and how dangerous he is.  But really, I understand it now.  Castiel’s spent the whole season feeling weak and expendable because of Rowena’s spell and the recovery.  In reality, a lot of his feelings of weakness likely stretch all the way back to Season Eight, when he was briefly human, and then with the stolen grace issues.  He hasn’t been a fully powered angel for a really long time.  And being told over and over that he’s not a hero, that he’s not going to help in the fight, clearly wore on him.  And here’s Lucifer, his brother, an archangel who’s faced the Darkness once before, and is ready and willing to face her again.  This is how Castiel feels he can help, and I think it’s a great and subtle look at the process of his thoughts.

Finally: this should’ve been the episode before the fall hiatus, not the last one.  I know it was exciting, with Sam trapped with Lucifer and all, but how much shit would you have lost if the last thing we saw before the break was Casifer, free and ready to bust some heads?


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