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{January 8, 2017}   Supernatural : Into The Mystic

Happy New Year!  I was looking over my posts from last year and wow, I really didn’t post that much, did I?  First I was underemployed, and then I was busy, and writing my own stuff too (I still might share some of it…maybe).  I’m going to try to post more this year, and even get back into book reviews.  But I do want to finish the Supernatural posts too, since this year I’ve decided I’m going to finish things I start!  So here goes.

We start the episode in Ireland, where a man is playing that “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” song from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.  His wife comes home and he dances with her, and says their baby loves the song.  Well, it’s a great song, so the baby clearly has good taste in music.

You know, sometimes I remember that Patrick Swayze is dead, and it makes me really sad.  And then I remember that Prince and David Bowie and all sorts of other amazing people are dead too, but at least we got to be alive when they were, and experience their talent.  So that’s something, right?

Anyway.  The wife goes to put her groceries or whatever away, and the husband starts to hear this high pitched shrieking.  He starts bashing his head into the wall to make it stop, and the wife obviously knows what’s going on, so she starts a spell to kill the creature.  The husband ends up dying, and the wife does destroy the creature (or maybe just send it away), but the wife dies, too.

I wasn’t clear on that originally.  I don’t know if she died from blood loss or just the power of the spell she was doing.  Regardless, we focus on the baby for a minute before heading into the opening credits.

Okay, so – why did this happen?  I mean, considering what we find out later in the episode about the creature and how it chooses its victims – why?  It’s a good opener, but looking back, it’s pretty confusing.

Sam’s sleeping in the bunker, or trying to at least.  He’s replaying his conversation with Lucifer about how he didn’t even look for Dean when Dean was in Purgatory.  He wakes up from a restless sleep, and Dean has a possible case at a retirement home only fifteen minutes away.  One of the residents was found with his head bashed in, but no signs of entry from the outside.  Sam is reluctant because they haven’t heard anything about the Darkness or from Cas since they put Lucifer back in the Cage (ha ha ha!), but Dean dismisses his concerns, saying Cas is fine.

I’m surprised Casifer didn’t show up at the bunker earlier than this.  I guess his original plan was just to abandon the boys altogether.

Speaking of our new favorite character, Casifer is hanging in a park, watching kids on a playground and feeding the ducks.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Serpent, the Prince of Darkness, the Adversary and the King of Babylon, spends his weekends on nature hikes.

He encounters another angel, who has the worst poker face in the history of creation about seeing Casifer.  He lures the other angel deeper into the forest.  The other angel, quite stupidly, follows, apparently thinking he can get the jump on Casifer.

They have a conversation about how Casifer is there to save them all and will stop the Darkness.  Man, Misha Collins really studied Pellegrino’s mannerisms.  It’s like watching Mark as Lucifer, almost.  I mean, I know he’s an actor and it’s his job, but it’s pretty impressive.

So, long story short, the other angel doesn’t believe Casifer can stop the Darkness, or maybe he doesn’t believe Casifer wants to stop the Darkness.  He tries to kill Casifer, who snaps his fingers in his trademark move and explodes the angel.  Seriously, that angel was pretty fucking stupid.  Casifer saunters back off, because he’s not going to let a little killing ruin his peaceful afternoon communing with nature.  Or perhaps it made the afternoon all the more enjoyable.  Casifer is the old dude at the park who sits on the bench all day and just watches nature in between murders.

I now think that Casifer and Raymond Reddington would probably be besties.

The boys are at the retirement home now.  I guess we’re still FBI?  I’m telling you, life would be so much easier for hunters if they just had supernatural cops!  Anyway, they talk to the manager, who says he heard the guys screaming for something to get out of his head, and then they found him dead.

The boys find out the dead man was sued by someone, but the case fell through.  Turns out the plaintiff is dead, so they salt and burn his remains.  But back at the retirement home, the manager is the second victim.

Back at the retirement home, Dean talks to another resident, Mildred, who describes the ghost woman from the cold open.  Sam talks to one of the employees, a girl named Marlene.  She’s hearing impaired and doesn’t give Sam a lot to work with, but then we see her reading the boys’ lips when they talk about their next approach.  They decide it’s a malevolent banshee, who preys on the vulnerable and can only be killed by a gold knife.  Luckily, Dean has one back at the bunker, so they split up so he can head home real quick for supplies.

Must be really nice for them to work a case so close to home!  Back at the bunker, Dean hears a bunch of noise and discovers Casifer in the library, making a mess.  The best part about the scene is Casifer, clearly going through Castiel’s memory and looking for the appropriate way to greet Dean.  He then tells Dean he’s looking for a spell to draw Amara out, and confesses that “he” (Castiel) wasn’t able to kill her when he had the chance.  Dean, wanting his bestie to feel better, tells him about the two times he had the opportunity to kill her and didn’t.

Okay, I take exception to this.  It comes up again later in the season, and I think it’s kind of dumb.  The first time, yes, when she was a teenager, Dean was clearly reluctant to do anything to hurt her, and I don’t know if he would’ve been able to if Crowley hadn’t intervened.  The second time, though?  When she was an adult and she spirited him away to that wilderness area?  He did try, and the angel blade shattered.  I mention this specifically because it’s used later in the season as proof that he can’t or won’t kill her because of their bond.  It’s stupid, because he did try.  I doubt even Dean Winchester could’ve made that angel blade shatter on purpose.  If they really wanted to run with this idea, they should’ve shown him lifting the blade up to her and then being unable to actually deliver the killing blow.

Anyway, moving on!  Dean confesses to Casifer his attraction to Amara, and Casifer is clearly interested in the bond his auntie shares with Dean, though he thinks some of it comes from the Mark itself.  This is interesting, because we know this is actually Lucifer talking to Dean, and Lucifer had the Mark at one point.  He probably is the only person – angel – who could understand Dean’s attraction to Amara, because he’s probably felt it too.  He promises they’ll find a way to defeat her, and then Dean finds his gold knife and heads out, happy about the talk he had with his friend and newly emboldened for the fight with the Darkness.  Aw, poor Dean!  I know I’m really hard on him, but I do love him a lot and I just want him to be happy.  Behind him, Casifer smiles a secret smile.

Meanwhile, Sam is stalking Marlene, who is also stalking Sam.  She traps him in some sort of complicated sigil and comes at him with a gold knife of her own.  Sam convinces her he’s a hunter too, and not the banshee, and Marlene reveals herself to be Eileen Leahy, the baby from the cold open.  The banshee’s shrieking made her deaf, and she was raised and trained by a hunter after her parents died.  Also, her grandfather was a member of the MOL, which explains why her mom knew that spell.  I love it when things make sense!

I mean.  We still don’t know why the banshee targeted her dad specifically.  Was he pining for someone else?  Sure didn’t seem like it in the cold open.  Dammit.  Now that I’m thinking about that it really irritates me.  They could’ve made it make sense very easily: make the mom his sister or some other platonic friend, not his wife, and make him pine for his dead wife while raising their baby.  See?  One sentence and it makes sense.

Dean arrives back, and somehow they’ve decided that Mildred is the next possible victim I guess.  Because her husband’s dead, which makes her unique in this retirement home I guess?  Whatever, moving on.  I like Mildred.  She gives Dean some advice on living a long and happy life, and then Dean hears the shrieks, because of course he does.  Mildred traps the banshee in the sigil, and then Eileen kills it.  Nice!  I like that she was able to get her revenge.

As the boys are leaving, Mildred tells Dean she knows he’s pining for someone.  Really, show?  Pining?  I’d buy that Dean sort of pines for Cas, and I don’t even mean that in the romantic sense, necessarily.  Just him missing his friend and wishing he was around more, but not being able to actually say it because he’s emotionally constipated.  I still don’t buy that Dean pines for Amara.  As I’ve said before, they should’ve developed this more than they did.  It sort of feels like it was an idea they tacked on at the end of the season and then went back and added a few things to clear up continuity.

Dean does tell Sam, when they’re back at the bunker, that Cas seemed weird to him, but Sam dismisses his concern because Cas is always weird.  What Sam wants to know is why the banshee went after Dean, and Dean lies and says that he thinks it’s because it saw his blade.  But later at night, Dean can’t sleep, and he’s clearly thinking a lot of unpleasant thoughts, and Dean you’re really being a hypocrite here, aren’t you?  How many times in the past have you gotten pissed at Sam or Castiel or John or anybody for keeping secrets?  Sam’s demon blood and powers, Cas’s deal with Crowley, John vanishing to hunt Azazel, those are just a few of the times I can recall you getting pissed at someone for having a secret they either weren’t ready to tell, or were keeping to protect you.  And here you are, in the exact same situation, and you’re keeping this from Sam.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Dean, I do.  But this is very hypocritical of him.

Anyway, next time we get Jody and Claire, so that’s going to be a lot of fun.



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