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{February 19, 2017}   Supernatural: Don’t You Forget About Me

Okay, this is another one that got partially deleted, dammit.  I have learned from my earlier mistakes.

I really liked this episode.  I love Jody, I love Claire, and I love seeing the boys somewhat out of their depth.  So this episode hit all the good stuff for me.

Claire is such an interesting character to me.  I feel bad for her and also happy that she was able to find her place in the world and mostly land on her feet after all the stuff that happened with her parents.  I love her weird relationship with Cas.  I love that she saw the darkness out there and chose to fight against it, rather than run away from it or hide.

So we star the episode in Sioux Falls.  A teenaged couple is at makeout point, and is that even something the kids still do these days?  That idea was old fashioned when I was in high school.  Which was…not that long ago.  I mean, in the relative sense of time and all.  But anyway, so they’re making out, and then get attacked by Claire with a big knife.  She thinks the boy is a monster, but isn’t sure what kind.

Cut to the bunker, and the boys chatting about the recent, relative quiet.  Sam’s found a picture of a squirrel riding an owl, or something, so that tells you how bored he’s been lately.  But guess what Sammy, no more Tumblr for you, Claire calls and says she needs their help with a case!  So they pack their bags and head up to see her.

We see Jody in a car rider line or something, at a high school.  She’s waiting for Alex, and watching Alex talk and flirt with her boyfriend and some friends.  Jody’s clearly very happy that Alex is doing so well.  I guess I’m happy too, but Alex’s storyline never resonated with me like Claire’s did.  I mean, I don’t dislike her or anything.  I just care less about her than I do Jody and Claire.  But anyway, Alex hops into the car, and Jody sees that she’s got something in her backpack.  I think it was condoms or birth control.  Well then.

Jody and Alex get home to find the Impala parked in the driveway.  Jody is mystified by the boys’ appearance, as she’s not currently working a case, and gets irritated when they tell her Claire called.  She invites them for dinner.

The World’s Most Awkward Dinner.  Jody has made chicken and there’s wine for her and the boys.  Alex chats about her day at school and Claire slumps in her seat.  The girls snipe at each other, and OH MY GOD I’m flashing back to high school and the fights my sister and I had with each other.  Alex is the popular one and Claire is the sullen loner and it was just like that for us too!  (One guess which one I was.)  During this, Sam and Dean enthuse about the food and how good it is, and Sam is surprised chicken can taste that good, and that it isn’t in patty or nugget form.

Guys, don’t you have a kitchen?  Wasn’t it established back when you found the place that Dean was a pretty good cook?  Is maybe Dean mad at Sam and being passive aggressive about it by cooking bad food?

Anyway, they talk about Claire’s hunt, and Jody is dismissive, because Claire is basically the girl who cried wolf when it comes to monsters.  Apparently she outed the mayor or the city attorney as a cosplaying vampire fiend, and wow Sioux Falls sounds way cooler than I would’ve anticipated.  She’s also been arrested a few times, and the only reason she isn’t in jail is that Jody is the sheriff.

Alex mocks Claire’s ineffectiveness and weirdness, and in retaliation, Claire brings up Alex’s plan to take boyfriend Henry to some cabin and lose her virginity (little sisters, don’t mess with your big sister, seriously she knows ALL!).  Jody jumps right into the sex talk, and tries to get Sam and Dean to help her.  Jody, you’d be better off calling Crowley and having him assist.  These boys don’t have a great track record when it comes to sex.  Sam’s advice would probably be, “Just don’t, since your partner will either end up dead or evil, or possibly both” and Dean will teach them his best pick up lines.

Okay, now I’m imagining Crowley and Jody giving the girls the sex talk, and I can’t stop laughing.  Remember their fake blind date?  They had great chemistry up until he tried to kill her.

So anyway.  Claire and Dean agree that the dinner is the best one in a long while.  I also love their somewhat antagonistic relationship, too.  Remember that episode when he gave her a gun for her birthday, and Cas gave her a stuffed animal?

Somehow, Dean and Jody end up in the kitchen together.  Dean is somewhat horrified that the monster of the week is birth control, and Jody confides she had no idea how to talk to either of them, or how to handle Claire, who’s skipping all her college classes.  She’s worried that Claire is hiding in hunting and is all alone with no friends, so who best to talk to her about that problem than Sam and Dean?  She’s got a point.  Dean wisely sends Sam in to talk to her.

Claire is sitting at her desk and cuddling the stuffed cat Cas bought her.  Aw.  I wonder if they ever really talk.  I like to think that they text all the time.  God, how weird for Claire, for him to be her dad but not.  We’re lucky she turned out as well as she did, honestly.

Sam gently broaches the subject of her hunting, and Claire is annoyed because she knows Jody set him up to it, but admits she hates college and doesn’t feel like she fits in with Jody and Alex, who have their own mom-daughter thing happening.  She thinks that Alex hates her, which tells me that Alex loves her because teenage sisters always say they hate each other.  My sister and I didn’t start really getting along until my senior year of high school.

Claire also says she won’t give up on hunting, and mulls over the idea of striking out on her own.  Sam doesn’t try to make her stop, which is nice; he simply encourages her to take advantage of the opportunities she’s been presented (stable home, good foster mom, college) and let hunting take a back seat for the moment, since it’s always going to be there.  Claire seems to consider his words.

Back at the school, Alex’s favorite teacher is attacked, and they find him strung up on the flagpole the next day.  Jody is there investigating, as she’s the sheriff, and Sam and Dean come in as FBI agents to assist.  Just one episode where they aren’t fake FBI, it’s all I ask.  I thought Dean hated procedural cop shows!

Claire butts in, and Dean pulls her aside and lectures her about having respect for Jody.  He then intimidates the fuck out of Alex’s boyfriend by just staring at him.

You know, this episode, even more than any of the Ben episodes, really made me see what Dean would be like as a dad.  I half-wish that Ben had somehow stuck around, or Emma from a few seasons ago, because I think Dean as a dad is pretty awesome.

So Sam and Dean investigate at the school.  Dean comes up empty, while Sam thinks the janitor was creepy.  Meanwhile, Henry tries to comfort Alex, who tells him that there are bad things out there, and that she wasn’t always a good person.

For some reason, Sam and Dean have split up, and Sam is with Claire at the house doing research while Dean and Jody…I don’t know, I guess keep looking for clues.  They reconvene at the house, and share information: the fibers at the scene of the crime were asbestos, and also the janitor’s social security number is fake.  Sam and Dean make to go talk to him again.  Claire wants to go, but Jody says she can’t since they’re meeting with the registrar at the local college, to try and talk Claire back in.

Claire and Jody argue while they’re getting ready to leave, and are attacked by a vampire – the janitor.  Jody managed to call Dean and alert him of their distress, but by the time the guys are back at the house, they’re both gone.  Oh, and they find out from some of Jody’s staff that the janitor’s family is all dead, and they were from the same town Alex is from.  Dean rushes off to find Alex and Sam heads to the janitor’s house.

Alex and Henry are on a date, which appears to be just sitting in his car outside a fast food place or a gas station.  Nice moves, jackass.  Alex is very upset, and tells Henry he shouldn’t be around her since she’s not a very nice person.  Henry apparently agrees, and attacks her, because he is also a vampire.

Dean is too late (how did he know where to find her anyway?), and finds her cell phone by a dumpster.  He calls Sam, and they decide all three women were likely taken to a closed school building (being repaired because of asbestos, like these geniuses with the full backing of the Sioux Falls Sheriff’s Department didn’t have that information already), and decide to meet there.

This is indeed where they are.  The janitor has Jody and Claire tied up, and Henry brings Alex in, who demands to know what’s going on.  Well, it’s payback, in the “revenge is best served ice cold” kind of way.  See, the janitor used to be human, and he was turned because of Alex – he’d met her one night and tried to help her get home, but she’d been acting like bait for her vampire family.  He then killed his family.  Despite this, he claims he’s a good person who deserves his revenge.  Sorry, gotta disagree with you there, guy.  Being turned wasn’t your fault, but killing other people definitely was.

So the janitor’s plan was to turn the most popular boy in school into a vampire and have him pretend to like Alex and be her boyfriend.  The he killed her favorite teacher, and now he’s going to kill her family – Jody and Claire.  Janitor grabs Claire and threatens her, and Alex begs them not to hurt her, even offers to work with them the way she did with her old vampire family.  Janitor bites Claire, but doesn’t kill her.

Sam shows up and is promptly attacked and incapacitated by Janitor and Henry.  Sam, the guy who beat Lucifer and nearly closed the Gates of Hell all on his own, is incapacitated by a couple of newbie vampires.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen!  Lucky for him, Claire managed to get out of her bindings and attacks Janitor, and Dean arrives right on time to decapitate him.  Sam gets up and subdues Henry, and Alex punches him for being a dickbag and Claire chops off his head.

The next morning, Claire and Alex try to make breakfast for Jody, who has a broken leg.  Jody assures Alex that what happened wasn’t her fault, and they are a family.  Claire promises she’ll be careful hunting, and Alex says she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to live in that world again.  Sam warns her that other vampires might come after her too, and then he and Dean are on their way with all of Jody’s leftover ribs.

When did Jody have time to make ribs?


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