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{July 9, 2017}   Supernatural: The Vessel

I was really not looking forward to this episode, I’ll admit.  I really can’t explain why, but I hate, HATE 1940s stuff.  Maybe it’s the uniforms?  Maybe it’s that Hitler is somehow always involved?  Maybe it’s that they’re always in fucking submarines, and I don’t trust submarines?

I mean, really.  They’re compressed metal tubes hundreds of feet below the ocean surface.  WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA?  I guess you could say I feel about submarines the same way that Dean feels about flying.

Okay.  Episode starts with a creepy Nazi (redundant, I know) and his French lady lover, named Delphine.  She is very pretty and very sexy, and excited about some weapon he found.  She gets him to let her see it, and then she murders him with her hairpin.

I’m not the only woman (or person with long hair) who has elaborate fantasies/plans about murdering people with their hair accessories, right?

So Delphine steals the weapon and kills her lover, and tells him that pretending to love him was the worst thing she’s had to do in her very difficult life, but that watching him die is the best.  Delphine is a badass, and I already love her, so we know she’s a dead woman, right?

I didn’t really like the “The Men of Letters send their regards.”  I know it’s a play on Game of Thrones, but it felt weird and stilted.  How about, “The Men of Letters thank you for your service” or something, since this is wartime?  I dunno.  Maybe if she’d said it when she stabbed him in the neck, that would’ve been better.  But maybe that would’ve been too much like Game of Thrones?

In the present, Dean is pissed that Sam drank all their coffee.  Sam has been WORKING, Dean, what the hell have you been doing?  Sexting with Casifer, I bet.  You do look pretty tired for a guy who slept in his own bed, after all.  Sam is looking for a way to stop Amara.  Sam has discovered the Nazis had a whole branch dedicated to evil archeology, and that they claimed to have found a weapon that would win the war.  Dean points out that they didn’t win, and Sam says it was stolen.  It turns out that Delphine was the Nazis’ suspect, but they never found her.  Sam thinks she was a lady Men of Letters.

Of note: Dean has no idea what “Une Femme des Lettres” means.  Jesus fuck, Dean.  You must be tired.  You’re smarter than that.

Unless he’s just fucking with Sam because Sam drank all the coffee.  Let’s go with that one, as it is both in character and funny.

This leads to the boys searching through the library, and Dean mentioning that he’s surprised the MOL were all about the gender equality, and Sam thinks it was just because it was the 1940s and they needed lady help since men were fighting the war.  I am not going to talk about the sexism and misogyny and whatever because that would take me way too long and probably require flow charts.  I just want to register my displeasure about the whole thing.  But hey, at least the boys are mentioning it, and not me?

Sam and Dean find an accounting of Delphine’s mission, and that she was coming back on the Bluefin, a submarine (of fucking COURSE), but that it went down and the wreckage was never found.  Dean decides they’ll use the angel up their sleeve to time travel back to the sub, grab the weapon, and come home.  So easy!  Nothing at all will go wrong!

Meanwhile, Casifer is hanging out on Hell’s throne, playing Angry Birds or Flappy Bird or some other game with obnoxious music on his iPad.  (Aside: did anyone else expect the throne to be bigger?  And maybe made of skulls?)  A bunch of demons are standing around awkwardly.  They all are wearing suits.  Just once I want to see a demon wearing, like sweatpants or something.  Is this some sort of demon uniform?

Okay, so I realized that it’s Crowley’s throne, and he would never use skulls.  So Casifer isn’t even in Hell, he’s at that asylum.  For some reason I found that funny.  Nobody wants to stay in Hell.

Anyway.  The demons try to get Casifer’s attention, and he tells them he doesn’t care about their problems.  So a lady demon (Simmons?) says she wants to deploy some troops to look for Amara, since they’ve had a coward on the throne too long.

Casifer has Crowley chained up in a “kennel,” which is basically a cage in the wall.  He’s also dressed him in the strangest outfit we’ve ever seen Crowley wear.  It is a thing of beauty, and I laughed so hard when I first saw it that I had to stop the episode, back up, and watch it again.

So Crowley’s in his kennel, wearing what appears to be every dad ever’s vacation outfit, and you KNOW Casifer made that part of the torture.  It’s what Crowley would’ve done, after all.  Remember Meg’s hair?  Crowley bitches at the other demons for being rude and disrespectful.

Casifer lets Crowley out of his cage, and gathers his weapons, which I guess suck, because he sends all the demons away and chats with Crowley.  Crowley thinks that if Casifer thought he could take Amara out, he’d have already done it.  Casifer agrees, calls Crowley “puppy,” and mentions he knows Crowley’s still defiant, plotting his escape.  Duh.

Before they can really get into it, though, Dean calls, and Casifer pretends to be Castiel.

Quick cut to the bunker.  Hey, where’s all the stuff I wrote?  Fuck, this is another episode that was lost in the Computer Crash of June 2016.  Fuck!  That computer crash was the gift that keeps on taking.

Sigh.  Okay.  So, Casifer was aware that Hands of God exist, but assumed they’d all been lost “in the Flood.”  Interesting.  Casifer says he can time travel, and when Sam questions it, makes noises about it being a different system than teleportation.  Dean is so eager for him to be right that they don’t question it, even though they should.  But then Dean says he’s going, because he can’t fight Amara but Sam can.  Casifer promises he won’t leave Dean alone, and Sam relents.  Casifer transports Dean, but Dean’s alone in on the ship.  This part feels like the end of an episode.

Sam’s in the bunker, researching or reading, and Casifer trudges down the stairs, soaking wet.  Sam is aghast, and Casifer explains the ship was warded, so he wasn’t able to get past the hull.  Sam argues he could try and go back earlier, but Casifer shuts that plan down, probably as much from irritation that a puny human outsmarted him (Delphine fucking rocks) as just not wanting to do it.  Casifer is acting very non-Castiel-like, but I will forgive Sam for failing to notice since he’s so worried about Dean.

Back in the 1940s, Dean manages to trick a soldier and steal his uniform, and ends up talking to Delphine in the first five minutes.  See, I like this.  The episode isn’t stalled and we don’t get a lot of garbage about Dean figuring out the past, because Dean Winchester is fucking smart and also badass, and does what he needs to do.

Delphine is in the process of kicking Dean’s ass (nobody else on the ship knew her real name) when they’re caught by the guy he stole the uniform from.  The captain is there, and Dean makes his declaration that he’s a time traveler (you know he loved doing that), and that the ship was going to be attacked by a Nazi warship within the hour.  The captain laughs and starts talking about imprisoning Dean and court marshaling him, but then they are interrupted and he’s told about the approaching Nazi warship.  Man, that captain’s face is so red right now, I bet.

Dean and Delphine are left alone with the one guy while the captain goes to investigate.  I think the guy’s name is Pete, so that’s what I’m going to call him.  Dean and Delphine talk about the warding and that Dean needs the weapon for a holy war in the future.  During this, Pete continually interrupts to ask for future information, like the next president and who wins the World Series in 1944.  This always happens in movies and TV shows with time travel, and I have never understood why this is helpful information for proving you are a time traveler.  There’s no way to verify it, at least not for awhile, so Dean could say anything he wanted.  The Nazi warship thing was more proof-worthy, I think.

Delphine shows Dean the weapon, and tells him the little stubby wooden thing used to be the Arc of the Covenant.  Oh my GOD, you guys.

Remember that episode from the sixth season?  I think it might’ve been Caged Heat, but I’m not sure and I’m not going back to look.  But it was the one where Sam was still soulless and trying to get Cas’s attention, so he tells him they found an artifact that burned some peoples’ eyes out, and then made fun of Cas when he asked where it was, because it was the plot of Raiders.  IT WAS REAL, SAM!  HE SHOWED UP TO HELP BECAUSE IT WAS REAL, AND YOU’RE LUCKY HE’S NOW THE DEVIL BECAUSE OTHERWISE HE’D BE THROWING IT BACK IN YOUR FACE!

Okay, I’m done now.  But that was so exciting, to get that confirmation!  At least for me it was.

Dean is excited about going “full on Raiders,” even if Delphine and Pete have no idea what he means.  She cautions him not to touch it, because touch activates it and no human can stand that much power for very long.  Then she wraps it up, pushes the box toward Dean, and heads off to clear the rest of the ship’s warding.

Back in the future, Casifer and Sam are researching.  Sam finds a spell that can blast through angel warding, and they’re excited for a minute, till he continues reading and realizes that only an archangel is strong enough to perform the spell.  Casifer twitches, and he oh-so-casually says they might as well try it, since it’s the only option.  Sam refuses, though, because it’s a waste of time as far as he’s concerned, and he walks away to do more research.  Casifer looks down at the book, considering.

Pete quietly questions Dean about the end of the war, which Dean tells him won’t happen till 1945.  They discuss that the ship is going to go down, and before things can get too melancholy, Delphine reappears holding a knife.  She pulls down her top a little to show the warding carved over her heart, and tells Dean he has to kill her.

Pete is horrified, and Dean explains he doesn’t have to kill her, just cut through the warding to break it.  Delphine says that’s not the case with this one, though: it’s tied to her heart and her blood, and the only way to undo it is to kill her.  Damn, girl.  Way to be through!  Dean takes the knife and prepares to do so, clearly reluctant, but before he can, the ship jolts and the lights flicker.

Some boring stuff with the captain and the crew tells us what we already know: the ship is under attack.  Dean and Delphine make their way to the cockpit (what’s it called on a ship?) and it turns out the warship’s being captained by her not-so-dead German lover, who tells her that he’s part of the Thule Society and that she should’ve burned his body.  Well, fair enough.  He did look like a ghoul even when he was alive, to be honest.  He then addresses the crew: he’ll make sure they’re all treated fairly as POWs if they give up Delphine and her cargo.  And if you can’t trust an undead Nazi, really, who can you trust?

There is a joke in there somewhere about Trump, but I’m not going to look too hard for it.

Sam comes out from – somewhere, I don’t know, the bathroom maybe, to find Casifer chopping up what might be a tamarind.  He’s got a bunch of other ingredients spread out.  Sam asks what the hell he’s doing, and Casifer says he’s going to try the spell.

So I should be paying attention to why Casifer is trying to convince Sam that he can do the gathering spell when he’s supposedly not an archangel, but I am super distracted because one of the spell ingredients is apparently a brain.  Like, there is a fucking BRAIN sitting on Casifer’s worktable, and Sam sees it and doesn’t mention it AT ALL, which means he knew they needed it.

I have questions.  Whose brain is that?  Did it have to be a specific brain that the Men of Letters just happened to have, or will any old brain do?  Is it human or animal or something else?  WHY DO THE MEN OF LETTERS HAVE RANDOM BRAINS JUST HANGING OUT IN THEIR STORAGE AREA?

It is suspiciously clean.  Maybe it’s just a model of a brain?  But that makes even less sense.

Ahem.  Sam tells Casifer that he remembers that time Cas used Bobby’s soul to power up for time travel, and offers to let Casifer do the same.  This part is great, because you can see Casifer sorting through Cas’s memories, and he looks so surprised, like he’s thinking he hadn’t realized his baby brother was such a kinky motherfucker.  Then Sam says he trusts Cas, even though the “procedure” could be fatal, and that would be super sweet if it was actually Cas he was talking to, or if Cas could hear him.

Casifer laughs and laughs, and then rips off his (metaphorical) mask.  Sam nearly pisses himself, and then Casifer takes the soul power and does a hilarious imitation of Cas’s voice.  People, this whole Casifer experiment has been wonderful, not the least because Misha Collins is doing such a fantastic job.  Like, whenever Casifer is on screen, I’m just sitting there, grinning like an idiot, wondering what he’ll do next.

But the threat to Sam’s life gets Castiel’s attention, and he manages to overpower Lucifer and talks to Sam briefly, saying he did want the possession (which, duh, angels can only possess after consent) and that they need Lucifer to rescue Dean.  I guess then he uses Lucifer’s power to time travel back, or lets go and for some reason Lucifer decides not to kill Sam.

Back in the 1940s, the captain and his crew promise Delphine they’d never give her up to the Nazis, because their orders were to see her home safely.  It’s a nice little moment, and bittersweet because we know they’re all going to die anyway.  Delphine and Dean confer about his “ride” and she says she’s going to use the Hand of God to blast through the warding and destroy the Nazi ship.  She takes it out and holds it, and starts to glow with a brilliant white light.  After a minute or so, she hands the Hand (ha) over to Dean, who wraps it in the cloth.  Everybody watches, and as she starts to go nuclear, Casifer appears beside Dean.  He watches for a second too, looking shocked, and then puts his hand on Dean’s shoulder and they’re back in the bunker.

Sam, still on the floor, sees them return and tells Dean it’s not Cas.  Casifer’s all, oops!  Then he tosses Dean into the wall and picks up the Hand, all excited, but finds out immediately that it’s a “one shot deal,” as Dean puts it.  Casifer tosses it aside and approaches Dean, all pissed and scary, but Sam’s drawn the banishing sigil and manages to banish Casifer before he can do anything.

Later, they sit by a broken pier.  I don’t know what the significance of that is.  I assume there are lakes in Kansas?  I mean, obviously there must be, unless Sam drove Dean hundreds of miles to some coastline so he could properly brood.  They chat about what happened, and how Cas said yes.  Dean’s in denial about his boo wanting the possession, and they agree they’re going to find him and save him.  Then he asks what happened to the Nazi ship, and at first I was annoyed because I thought he was referring to the Bluefin and we know it went down.  But then I realized what he was talking about.  Apparently, the Nazi ship went down too, but they found the wreckage, and it was like something had blown a huge hole into the insides.  So while Delphine couldn’t save the Bluefin and her crew, she did manage to take out the Nazis.  Dean sits there and stares off into the middle distance, probably contemplating the raw power of God.  Or maybe he wants a burger.  I don’t know, it’s not really clear.

I just realized that the episode’s title referred to the Bluefin.  I spent more time than I care to say trying to figure out what it meant.  I thought it was a human vessel.


{April 22, 2017}   Supernatural: Love Hurts

So I didn’t hate this episode, I just didn’t like it as much as most of this season.  I thought the monster was fine, the story was okay, but the acting just really pulled me out of the episode.  Also, it was apparently written by the same people who were responsible for that horrific haunted kidney monstrosity, which means it’s already down a grade in my book.

We see a man and a woman getting ready for a date.  The man goes to let the babysitter, Staci, in, and it turns out they’re having an affair.  She goads him into making out with her right in front of the nanny cam, and then complains that he hasn’t left his wife.  Oh, honey.  I know you’re young, but in this day and age that doesn’t give you an excuse to be this fucking stupid.

For the record: he says he’s going to tell his wife that night.  On Valentine’s Day.  During what is clearly intended to be a romantic date.  Yes, I’m certain that is exactly his plan.

So the couple leaves and Staci just hangs on the couch, watching television.  Someone comes in from the back door and startles her, but she relaxes when she sees who it is.  It’s clearly the dude, who is called Dan.  He gives her a massage and then rips out her heart.  I’d say it was nice knowing you, Staci, but it wasn’t.

Now, Sam is in the bunker’s kitchen, and Dean stumbles in with a visible hickey on his neck.  They joke with each other about Dean’s promiscuity and Sam’s prudishness.  It’s cute.

One of three things happened here.  One, Dean went out to a bar, picked someone up, and is just now getting home.  Two, he went out to a bar, picked someone up, and brought them back to the bunker.  Or three, he had sex with Lucifer.  Now, he doesn’t look like a man who slept in a stranger’s bed and did the walk of shame.  He’s too rested.  I’m also vetoing the idea that he brought someone home to the bunker, because no matter how cute he is, no way would anybody willingly go into that creepy-looking likely death trap.  Also, Sam would’ve thrown a fit.  So I’m calling it.  Dean struck out at a bar, came home after Sam fell asleep, and called Casifer.  Don’t tell me Lucifer wouldn’t be all about that, if only just to fuck with both Cas and Dean’s heads.

Anyway.  Sam’s found the case, which is in Ohio (of fucking course this fucked up monstrosity of an episode would take place in Ohio).  They head out and don their ever-present FBI suits (screaming forever) and talk to Dan and his wife Melissa.  Melissa tells them nothing was missing except the nanny cam, and Dan is about as good at hiding things as Tom Keen was, which is to say, not at all.  Sam and Dean decide to question him at work, when he’s not with his wife, and see if that helps.

Sam goes to the morgue to see the body while Dean goes to see Dan.  The pathologist is confused, because usually she’d say it was an animal attack, but Staci was indoors and there aren’t claw marks or anything else in the house.  Apparently whoever killed her was strong enough to push her heart through her back before they pulled it out of her chest.

We check in with Dirty Dan, who is sadly scrolling through Staci’s Facebook page.  Oh, if you’re keeping score?  Dan clearly didn’t tell Melissa about his affair.  Dean comes in and Dan immediately confesses that he was having an affair with Staci, and he took the nanny cam because he was going to wipe it because of the makeout session, but when he watched the recording he saw himself enter the house and murder Staci.  He and Dean watch, and Dean tells Dan he believes him, but that he shouldn’t tell anyone about the video.

At the motel, the boys watch the video, and see the telltale shine in “Dan’s” eyes, so decide they’re after a shifter.  At the same time, a pair of jean-clad legs get off the elevator at Dan’s office, and we see it’s Staci (duh), and she murders Dirty Dan the same way she died.

Sam and Dean head to Melissa’s and confront her.  Surprise, though – she knew about the affair, but swears she didn’t kill him.  They make her touch a silver pen, and nothing happens, so she’s telling the truth.  At least about not being a shifter, that is.  They head out, disappointed and fresh out of leads, but oh guess what?  Melissa hurries around the house and pulls out a box, then starts shredding stuff in the disposal.  She calls a mystery someone and says the spell went wrong and she needs this person to call her back ASAP.

I’m really trying to make this interesting, but honestly, it wasn’t.  Did anybody believe that Melissa killed Staci and Dan?

So anyway.  That night she’s drowning her sorrows in some wine, and someone knocks on the door.  This is the worst fucking acting on the planet, you guys.  This scene is such fucking garbage.  Dan’s at the door, and he tries to get in, and smashes the door like “Here’s Johnny!” except nope, nobody cares at all, and Melissa just stands there and screams like the stupidest fucking bitch on EARTH, like bitch do you SEE the vast expanse of hallway behind you?  It leads right to your kitchen, and then to your living room with the sliding door.  And yet, it takes her an ETERNITY to figure this out.  She gets away, but no one cares.

Sam is alone in the hotel room, as Dean has gone out for the evening.  Yeah, you can’t exactly call Casifer for a quick hookup when you’re sharing a room with your brother.  But Dean returns with takeout, and asks Sam what a “dad bod” is.  Dean, you really need to stop hitting on much younger girls.  You are extremely hot, but in your thirties.  At some point it does become a little creepy.

God, I really did hate this episode, don’t I?  I’d rather re-review the Jody and Claire one.  And the next one is so good, too!  And I don’t hate filler episodes.  I mean, technically the Jody and Claire one was filler.  Also later this season “Red Meat” and “Safe House” are excellent too.  So you can be a filler episode and still be good.  This one just wasn’t good, in my opinion.  I didn’t care about the cheating assholes, I didn’t really care about Melissa, I didn’t care about the villain.

Okay, let’s get this over with.  Melissa shows up at their hotel.  I have no idea how she found them, and I don’t care.  She tells them that she knew about the affair, but still loved Dan, and performed what was supposed to be a “return to love” spell.  She’s managed to bring them the spell, which Sam identifies as a curse, not a spell, and one that’s spread through kissing.  So it’s the magical equivalent of a venereal disease, I guess.  Okay, that’s sort of funny.

Melissa got the spell from her hairdresser.  They prepare to head over to her shop, but Dan arrives.  Dean kisses Melissa, which stalls the curse, and they escape.  At the shop, Dean and Sam play rock paper scissors to see who will investigate the curse and who will go looking for – other evidence?  I guess?  Dean wins for the first time ever, which means he’s going to the tarp-lined room and Sam is researching.  Sam discovers it’s a creature called a qareen, which takes the form of whoever the person most loves, and kills them.  To kill the qareen, you have to stab the heart, which isn’t in its body.  So it’s Pirates of the Caribbean.  Sam is lucky he doesn’t have to take the qareen’s place.

Oh, sorry.  But clearly that’s what happened.  Sonja the witch/hairdresser shows up, and they manage to subdue her and Sam finds the heart and stabs it.  Meanwhile, Dean has confronted the qareen, which has obviously taken Amara’s form.  They chitchat, and she tries to punch him to death, but he tells her that he can fight her since she isn’t actually Amara, and he knows that.  So he basically spends his time dodging her till Sam kills her.

Now, this part is important.  Back at the hotel, Dean finally confesses the Amara bond, and confides in Sam that he doesn’t think he’ll be much help in killing her when the time comes.  Sam tells Dean not to worry, that he’s got this.

The next episode makes up for this bullshit, I swear.

Okay, this is another one that got partially deleted, dammit.  I have learned from my earlier mistakes.

I really liked this episode.  I love Jody, I love Claire, and I love seeing the boys somewhat out of their depth.  So this episode hit all the good stuff for me.

Claire is such an interesting character to me.  I feel bad for her and also happy that she was able to find her place in the world and mostly land on her feet after all the stuff that happened with her parents.  I love her weird relationship with Cas.  I love that she saw the darkness out there and chose to fight against it, rather than run away from it or hide.

So we star the episode in Sioux Falls.  A teenaged couple is at makeout point, and is that even something the kids still do these days?  That idea was old fashioned when I was in high school.  Which was…not that long ago.  I mean, in the relative sense of time and all.  But anyway, so they’re making out, and then get attacked by Claire with a big knife.  She thinks the boy is a monster, but isn’t sure what kind.

Cut to the bunker, and the boys chatting about the recent, relative quiet.  Sam’s found a picture of a squirrel riding an owl, or something, so that tells you how bored he’s been lately.  But guess what Sammy, no more Tumblr for you, Claire calls and says she needs their help with a case!  So they pack their bags and head up to see her.

We see Jody in a car rider line or something, at a high school.  She’s waiting for Alex, and watching Alex talk and flirt with her boyfriend and some friends.  Jody’s clearly very happy that Alex is doing so well.  I guess I’m happy too, but Alex’s storyline never resonated with me like Claire’s did.  I mean, I don’t dislike her or anything.  I just care less about her than I do Jody and Claire.  But anyway, Alex hops into the car, and Jody sees that she’s got something in her backpack.  I think it was condoms or birth control.  Well then.

Jody and Alex get home to find the Impala parked in the driveway.  Jody is mystified by the boys’ appearance, as she’s not currently working a case, and gets irritated when they tell her Claire called.  She invites them for dinner.

The World’s Most Awkward Dinner.  Jody has made chicken and there’s wine for her and the boys.  Alex chats about her day at school and Claire slumps in her seat.  The girls snipe at each other, and OH MY GOD I’m flashing back to high school and the fights my sister and I had with each other.  Alex is the popular one and Claire is the sullen loner and it was just like that for us too!  (One guess which one I was.)  During this, Sam and Dean enthuse about the food and how good it is, and Sam is surprised chicken can taste that good, and that it isn’t in patty or nugget form.

Guys, don’t you have a kitchen?  Wasn’t it established back when you found the place that Dean was a pretty good cook?  Is maybe Dean mad at Sam and being passive aggressive about it by cooking bad food?

Anyway, they talk about Claire’s hunt, and Jody is dismissive, because Claire is basically the girl who cried wolf when it comes to monsters.  Apparently she outed the mayor or the city attorney as a cosplaying vampire fiend, and wow Sioux Falls sounds way cooler than I would’ve anticipated.  She’s also been arrested a few times, and the only reason she isn’t in jail is that Jody is the sheriff.

Alex mocks Claire’s ineffectiveness and weirdness, and in retaliation, Claire brings up Alex’s plan to take boyfriend Henry to some cabin and lose her virginity (little sisters, don’t mess with your big sister, seriously she knows ALL!).  Jody jumps right into the sex talk, and tries to get Sam and Dean to help her.  Jody, you’d be better off calling Crowley and having him assist.  These boys don’t have a great track record when it comes to sex.  Sam’s advice would probably be, “Just don’t, since your partner will either end up dead or evil, or possibly both” and Dean will teach them his best pick up lines.

Okay, now I’m imagining Crowley and Jody giving the girls the sex talk, and I can’t stop laughing.  Remember their fake blind date?  They had great chemistry up until he tried to kill her.

So anyway.  Claire and Dean agree that the dinner is the best one in a long while.  I also love their somewhat antagonistic relationship, too.  Remember that episode when he gave her a gun for her birthday, and Cas gave her a stuffed animal?

Somehow, Dean and Jody end up in the kitchen together.  Dean is somewhat horrified that the monster of the week is birth control, and Jody confides she had no idea how to talk to either of them, or how to handle Claire, who’s skipping all her college classes.  She’s worried that Claire is hiding in hunting and is all alone with no friends, so who best to talk to her about that problem than Sam and Dean?  She’s got a point.  Dean wisely sends Sam in to talk to her.

Claire is sitting at her desk and cuddling the stuffed cat Cas bought her.  Aw.  I wonder if they ever really talk.  I like to think that they text all the time.  God, how weird for Claire, for him to be her dad but not.  We’re lucky she turned out as well as she did, honestly.

Sam gently broaches the subject of her hunting, and Claire is annoyed because she knows Jody set him up to it, but admits she hates college and doesn’t feel like she fits in with Jody and Alex, who have their own mom-daughter thing happening.  She thinks that Alex hates her, which tells me that Alex loves her because teenage sisters always say they hate each other.  My sister and I didn’t start really getting along until my senior year of high school.

Claire also says she won’t give up on hunting, and mulls over the idea of striking out on her own.  Sam doesn’t try to make her stop, which is nice; he simply encourages her to take advantage of the opportunities she’s been presented (stable home, good foster mom, college) and let hunting take a back seat for the moment, since it’s always going to be there.  Claire seems to consider his words.

Back at the school, Alex’s favorite teacher is attacked, and they find him strung up on the flagpole the next day.  Jody is there investigating, as she’s the sheriff, and Sam and Dean come in as FBI agents to assist.  Just one episode where they aren’t fake FBI, it’s all I ask.  I thought Dean hated procedural cop shows!

Claire butts in, and Dean pulls her aside and lectures her about having respect for Jody.  He then intimidates the fuck out of Alex’s boyfriend by just staring at him.

You know, this episode, even more than any of the Ben episodes, really made me see what Dean would be like as a dad.  I half-wish that Ben had somehow stuck around, or Emma from a few seasons ago, because I think Dean as a dad is pretty awesome.

So Sam and Dean investigate at the school.  Dean comes up empty, while Sam thinks the janitor was creepy.  Meanwhile, Henry tries to comfort Alex, who tells him that there are bad things out there, and that she wasn’t always a good person.

For some reason, Sam and Dean have split up, and Sam is with Claire at the house doing research while Dean and Jody…I don’t know, I guess keep looking for clues.  They reconvene at the house, and share information: the fibers at the scene of the crime were asbestos, and also the janitor’s social security number is fake.  Sam and Dean make to go talk to him again.  Claire wants to go, but Jody says she can’t since they’re meeting with the registrar at the local college, to try and talk Claire back in.

Claire and Jody argue while they’re getting ready to leave, and are attacked by a vampire – the janitor.  Jody managed to call Dean and alert him of their distress, but by the time the guys are back at the house, they’re both gone.  Oh, and they find out from some of Jody’s staff that the janitor’s family is all dead, and they were from the same town Alex is from.  Dean rushes off to find Alex and Sam heads to the janitor’s house.

Alex and Henry are on a date, which appears to be just sitting in his car outside a fast food place or a gas station.  Nice moves, jackass.  Alex is very upset, and tells Henry he shouldn’t be around her since she’s not a very nice person.  Henry apparently agrees, and attacks her, because he is also a vampire.

Dean is too late (how did he know where to find her anyway?), and finds her cell phone by a dumpster.  He calls Sam, and they decide all three women were likely taken to a closed school building (being repaired because of asbestos, like these geniuses with the full backing of the Sioux Falls Sheriff’s Department didn’t have that information already), and decide to meet there.

This is indeed where they are.  The janitor has Jody and Claire tied up, and Henry brings Alex in, who demands to know what’s going on.  Well, it’s payback, in the “revenge is best served ice cold” kind of way.  See, the janitor used to be human, and he was turned because of Alex – he’d met her one night and tried to help her get home, but she’d been acting like bait for her vampire family.  He then killed his family.  Despite this, he claims he’s a good person who deserves his revenge.  Sorry, gotta disagree with you there, guy.  Being turned wasn’t your fault, but killing other people definitely was.

So the janitor’s plan was to turn the most popular boy in school into a vampire and have him pretend to like Alex and be her boyfriend.  The he killed her favorite teacher, and now he’s going to kill her family – Jody and Claire.  Janitor grabs Claire and threatens her, and Alex begs them not to hurt her, even offers to work with them the way she did with her old vampire family.  Janitor bites Claire, but doesn’t kill her.

Sam shows up and is promptly attacked and incapacitated by Janitor and Henry.  Sam, the guy who beat Lucifer and nearly closed the Gates of Hell all on his own, is incapacitated by a couple of newbie vampires.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen!  Lucky for him, Claire managed to get out of her bindings and attacks Janitor, and Dean arrives right on time to decapitate him.  Sam gets up and subdues Henry, and Alex punches him for being a dickbag and Claire chops off his head.

The next morning, Claire and Alex try to make breakfast for Jody, who has a broken leg.  Jody assures Alex that what happened wasn’t her fault, and they are a family.  Claire promises she’ll be careful hunting, and Alex says she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to live in that world again.  Sam warns her that other vampires might come after her too, and then he and Dean are on their way with all of Jody’s leftover ribs.

When did Jody have time to make ribs?

{January 8, 2017}   Supernatural : Into The Mystic

Happy New Year!  I was looking over my posts from last year and wow, I really didn’t post that much, did I?  First I was underemployed, and then I was busy, and writing my own stuff too (I still might share some of it…maybe).  I’m going to try to post more this year, and even get back into book reviews.  But I do want to finish the Supernatural posts too, since this year I’ve decided I’m going to finish things I start!  So here goes.

We start the episode in Ireland, where a man is playing that “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” song from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.  His wife comes home and he dances with her, and says their baby loves the song.  Well, it’s a great song, so the baby clearly has good taste in music.

You know, sometimes I remember that Patrick Swayze is dead, and it makes me really sad.  And then I remember that Prince and David Bowie and all sorts of other amazing people are dead too, but at least we got to be alive when they were, and experience their talent.  So that’s something, right?

Anyway.  The wife goes to put her groceries or whatever away, and the husband starts to hear this high pitched shrieking.  He starts bashing his head into the wall to make it stop, and the wife obviously knows what’s going on, so she starts a spell to kill the creature.  The husband ends up dying, and the wife does destroy the creature (or maybe just send it away), but the wife dies, too.

I wasn’t clear on that originally.  I don’t know if she died from blood loss or just the power of the spell she was doing.  Regardless, we focus on the baby for a minute before heading into the opening credits.

Okay, so – why did this happen?  I mean, considering what we find out later in the episode about the creature and how it chooses its victims – why?  It’s a good opener, but looking back, it’s pretty confusing.

Sam’s sleeping in the bunker, or trying to at least.  He’s replaying his conversation with Lucifer about how he didn’t even look for Dean when Dean was in Purgatory.  He wakes up from a restless sleep, and Dean has a possible case at a retirement home only fifteen minutes away.  One of the residents was found with his head bashed in, but no signs of entry from the outside.  Sam is reluctant because they haven’t heard anything about the Darkness or from Cas since they put Lucifer back in the Cage (ha ha ha!), but Dean dismisses his concerns, saying Cas is fine.

I’m surprised Casifer didn’t show up at the bunker earlier than this.  I guess his original plan was just to abandon the boys altogether.

Speaking of our new favorite character, Casifer is hanging in a park, watching kids on a playground and feeding the ducks.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Serpent, the Prince of Darkness, the Adversary and the King of Babylon, spends his weekends on nature hikes.

He encounters another angel, who has the worst poker face in the history of creation about seeing Casifer.  He lures the other angel deeper into the forest.  The other angel, quite stupidly, follows, apparently thinking he can get the jump on Casifer.

They have a conversation about how Casifer is there to save them all and will stop the Darkness.  Man, Misha Collins really studied Pellegrino’s mannerisms.  It’s like watching Mark as Lucifer, almost.  I mean, I know he’s an actor and it’s his job, but it’s pretty impressive.

So, long story short, the other angel doesn’t believe Casifer can stop the Darkness, or maybe he doesn’t believe Casifer wants to stop the Darkness.  He tries to kill Casifer, who snaps his fingers in his trademark move and explodes the angel.  Seriously, that angel was pretty fucking stupid.  Casifer saunters back off, because he’s not going to let a little killing ruin his peaceful afternoon communing with nature.  Or perhaps it made the afternoon all the more enjoyable.  Casifer is the old dude at the park who sits on the bench all day and just watches nature in between murders.

I now think that Casifer and Raymond Reddington would probably be besties.

The boys are at the retirement home now.  I guess we’re still FBI?  I’m telling you, life would be so much easier for hunters if they just had supernatural cops!  Anyway, they talk to the manager, who says he heard the guys screaming for something to get out of his head, and then they found him dead.

The boys find out the dead man was sued by someone, but the case fell through.  Turns out the plaintiff is dead, so they salt and burn his remains.  But back at the retirement home, the manager is the second victim.

Back at the retirement home, Dean talks to another resident, Mildred, who describes the ghost woman from the cold open.  Sam talks to one of the employees, a girl named Marlene.  She’s hearing impaired and doesn’t give Sam a lot to work with, but then we see her reading the boys’ lips when they talk about their next approach.  They decide it’s a malevolent banshee, who preys on the vulnerable and can only be killed by a gold knife.  Luckily, Dean has one back at the bunker, so they split up so he can head home real quick for supplies.

Must be really nice for them to work a case so close to home!  Back at the bunker, Dean hears a bunch of noise and discovers Casifer in the library, making a mess.  The best part about the scene is Casifer, clearly going through Castiel’s memory and looking for the appropriate way to greet Dean.  He then tells Dean he’s looking for a spell to draw Amara out, and confesses that “he” (Castiel) wasn’t able to kill her when he had the chance.  Dean, wanting his bestie to feel better, tells him about the two times he had the opportunity to kill her and didn’t.

Okay, I take exception to this.  It comes up again later in the season, and I think it’s kind of dumb.  The first time, yes, when she was a teenager, Dean was clearly reluctant to do anything to hurt her, and I don’t know if he would’ve been able to if Crowley hadn’t intervened.  The second time, though?  When she was an adult and she spirited him away to that wilderness area?  He did try, and the angel blade shattered.  I mention this specifically because it’s used later in the season as proof that he can’t or won’t kill her because of their bond.  It’s stupid, because he did try.  I doubt even Dean Winchester could’ve made that angel blade shatter on purpose.  If they really wanted to run with this idea, they should’ve shown him lifting the blade up to her and then being unable to actually deliver the killing blow.

Anyway, moving on!  Dean confesses to Casifer his attraction to Amara, and Casifer is clearly interested in the bond his auntie shares with Dean, though he thinks some of it comes from the Mark itself.  This is interesting, because we know this is actually Lucifer talking to Dean, and Lucifer had the Mark at one point.  He probably is the only person – angel – who could understand Dean’s attraction to Amara, because he’s probably felt it too.  He promises they’ll find a way to defeat her, and then Dean finds his gold knife and heads out, happy about the talk he had with his friend and newly emboldened for the fight with the Darkness.  Aw, poor Dean!  I know I’m really hard on him, but I do love him a lot and I just want him to be happy.  Behind him, Casifer smiles a secret smile.

Meanwhile, Sam is stalking Marlene, who is also stalking Sam.  She traps him in some sort of complicated sigil and comes at him with a gold knife of her own.  Sam convinces her he’s a hunter too, and not the banshee, and Marlene reveals herself to be Eileen Leahy, the baby from the cold open.  The banshee’s shrieking made her deaf, and she was raised and trained by a hunter after her parents died.  Also, her grandfather was a member of the MOL, which explains why her mom knew that spell.  I love it when things make sense!

I mean.  We still don’t know why the banshee targeted her dad specifically.  Was he pining for someone else?  Sure didn’t seem like it in the cold open.  Dammit.  Now that I’m thinking about that it really irritates me.  They could’ve made it make sense very easily: make the mom his sister or some other platonic friend, not his wife, and make him pine for his dead wife while raising their baby.  See?  One sentence and it makes sense.

Dean arrives back, and somehow they’ve decided that Mildred is the next possible victim I guess.  Because her husband’s dead, which makes her unique in this retirement home I guess?  Whatever, moving on.  I like Mildred.  She gives Dean some advice on living a long and happy life, and then Dean hears the shrieks, because of course he does.  Mildred traps the banshee in the sigil, and then Eileen kills it.  Nice!  I like that she was able to get her revenge.

As the boys are leaving, Mildred tells Dean she knows he’s pining for someone.  Really, show?  Pining?  I’d buy that Dean sort of pines for Cas, and I don’t even mean that in the romantic sense, necessarily.  Just him missing his friend and wishing he was around more, but not being able to actually say it because he’s emotionally constipated.  I still don’t buy that Dean pines for Amara.  As I’ve said before, they should’ve developed this more than they did.  It sort of feels like it was an idea they tacked on at the end of the season and then went back and added a few things to clear up continuity.

Dean does tell Sam, when they’re back at the bunker, that Cas seemed weird to him, but Sam dismisses his concern because Cas is always weird.  What Sam wants to know is why the banshee went after Dean, and Dean lies and says that he thinks it’s because it saw his blade.  But later at night, Dean can’t sleep, and he’s clearly thinking a lot of unpleasant thoughts, and Dean you’re really being a hypocrite here, aren’t you?  How many times in the past have you gotten pissed at Sam or Castiel or John or anybody for keeping secrets?  Sam’s demon blood and powers, Cas’s deal with Crowley, John vanishing to hunt Azazel, those are just a few of the times I can recall you getting pissed at someone for having a secret they either weren’t ready to tell, or were keeping to protect you.  And here you are, in the exact same situation, and you’re keeping this from Sam.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Dean, I do.  But this is very hypocritical of him.

Anyway, next time we get Jody and Claire, so that’s going to be a lot of fun.


I’m so irritated right now.  I had this review, and a bunch of other reviews, almost done, and then my computer shut down for updates and I wasn’t able to recover them.  So unfortunately most of my hilarious jokes and keen insights have been lost to the sands of time (or the updates of my laptop).  So we’ll have to make due with what I can remember.

The episode opens with Crowley, dressed in footie pajamas, crouched by a large Christmas tree.  Rowena comes down the stairs wearing horrible Christmas attire, complete with reindeer antlers and a blinking red nose.  Some heartwarming Christmas carol plays in the background while Crowley rips into his gifts.  He exults that he got a Funko Pop Sam doll.  Rowena is less than impressed.  Me, too, honestly.  My Funko Pop Castiel has wings, Crowley, and he’ll be gracing the top of my tree this year if I have anything to say about it.  Sorry, Grandma, but your heirloom German pointer thingy might end up displaced.

I can feel Grandma’s irritation all the way from the afterlife.  Maybe they can share.

Someone bangs on the door and knocks it down, and Santa himself waltzes in and murders Crowley with a sharpened candy cane.  Rowena reveals that she’s having a nightmare, and Santa reveals himself to be Lucifer, much to her delight.  So I guess Dana Carvey was right, huh?

That joke made me feel old, but I’m leaving it because it’s hilarious.

Cut to Sam and Lucifer in the Cage.  Lucifer explains that Rowena did help him (duh) and calls her a groupie with a dismissive look on his face.  He’s way more into Sam, you see, and takes him on a walk down memory lane.  The first memory is teenage Sam (Colin Ford!) having a study and makeout session with a girl.  Lucifer says that this is the Sam he remembers, who was bold and take charge and a “solid B on the tongue action” so now I know what some of Sam’s Cage memories are.

The second memory is from the apocalypse, when Sam regained control of his body and jumped into the Cage.  Lucifer says that he respects Sam, but doesn’t like him (he’s sort of prissy), because he stood up to Lucifer and won.  Oh, and we get to relive “assbutt” which makes me really happy.  Oh, Cas.  And we get the sad “Swan Song” music in the background during the flashback, which was kinda WTF – like, were Sam and Lucifer hearing the music?  Did Lucifer include it in the flashback?

The third memory is of Sam and Amelia, talking about – what was her husband’s name?  Dan?  Dave?  Don?  It doesn’t matter.  Lucifer says that this is the worst thing that Sam ever did, when he didn’t look for Dean while he was in Purgatory.  Personally I think it’s the most out of character thing he ever did, but then, this isn’t a review of Season Eight.  Lucifer argues that, because of this and how guilty Sam still feels about it, Sam would do anything to save Dean (and vice versa), even at the expense of the world.  And…he’s not wrong.  Sam gave up the Trials and failed to slam the Gates of Hell (also Season Eight!) because Dean asked him to.  And technically, if he’d gone forward with it, they wouldn’t be in their current predicament.  Abaddon would’ve been locked in Hell along with the rest of them (most likely) and Dean wouldn’t have needed to take the Mark to kill her.

Back in Limbo’s anteroom, Crowley and Rowena argue.  Rowena reveals she’s been working for Lucifer for about a month, and Crowley mocks her for needing a man, since she used to be all about the #girlpower.  Rowena says that Lucifer isn’t a man, he’s perfection.  And…let’s see.  Mark Pellegrino, Jared Padalecki, and (spoiler spoiler bo boiler!) Misha Collins…yeah, I’m going to go ahead and agree with her assessment.

Crowley chokes Rowena, and she gasps out that Lucifer will be angry if she dies, and that he shouldn’t pin his hopes on Sam Winchester’s ability to resist the dark prince.  Crowley backs off, grumbling.

Elsewhere, Dean drives.  He calls Sam and Crowley, and gets their voice mails.  I don’t know why Sam kept his, since Dean was making jokes about waxing, but it was funny so I laughed.  Crowley’s voice mail is a businesslike greeting that includes the words “ginger whore.”  Is that fair?  I never got the feeling that Rowena was particularly promiscuous.

Anyway, while he’s driving, things go blurry, and he ends up having to pull the car over and jump out to vomit.  And it’s gross, and I was eating dinner when I watched this episode, so thanks a lot, Dean.

Castiel’s voice comes to Dean out of a haze.  Turns out that he’s behind him, and says he came as soon as Dean called.  When did Dean call him?  We saw the calls to Sam and Crowley, why not the one to Cas?  Did Dean just pray to him?  Also, how the everloving fuck did Dean know where to go?  Amara transported him to the freaking wilderness and then back again.  There weren’t any landmarks and they didn’t talk about where they were.  Where the fucking fuck are they even?  How did Castiel get there so quick?  Did Dean call him before he left the park to drive to this unnamed location?  He can’t teleport, remember, and his car’s right there behind the Impala.  And when did he get that back, anyway?  Did he steal it back from Metatron?  I didn’t think Metatron had it anymore.

I fucking hate this scene, if it wasn’t already obvious.

Okay, moving on.  Cas says that Dean’s suffering from “smiting sickness,” and that it’s what killed Lot’s wife.  I thought Balthazar’s handy salt crystal thing was what killed her, but WHATEVER, moving on again.  Cas performs an adorable medical examination, ending by telling Dean he needs to take his temperature while holding up a finger.  Dean slaps his hand away, horrified.  You know, Dean, I assumed Cas was just going to touch your forehead, but considering your reaction I now think you thought he was going to do something much, much dirtier.

Castiel says that he can go to the nuke site, since smiting sickness doesn’t affect angels, but that Dean can’t.  Dean tries to argue, but a new wave of nausea hits him, and he says he’s going to check on Sam.  He tells Cas that if Amara’s dead, he wants Cas to bring out her body.  Why, so you can cry over it?

Wow, that was way harsh, Tai.  I need to get out of this scene.  Even Castiel’s adorable medical eval wasn’t enough to save it for me.

Dean ends up back at the bunker, bellowing for Sam.  Crowley calls, and Dean postures, and honestly, Dean, their doing this without you is on you, not them.  You bailed at the eleventh hour to go investigate a maybe, and they needed to move forward.

Crowley clearly told Dean where to go, because next he’s showing up at some dingy warehouse.  Billie’s inside, and she asks for a password, which Dean is extremely reluctant to give.  Finally he sings a verse of “Camptown Races” and oh, Crowley, you sneaky bastard.  Why go for pain when you can go for humiliation, I guess.  I wish we could’ve seen Dean’s face when Crowley told him the password.

Billie introduces herself, and Dean recognizes her name.  She ominously tells him that she doesn’t plan to kill him or Sam, just make sure that when they die, they stay dead.  Then she gives him a large wooden box to give to Crowley.

Crowley and Rowena are still sniping at each other, and a demon comes over to serve them tea.  It’s a ruse, of course, because Crowley poisoned the tea and Dean traps Rowena with the witchcatcher that was in the box.  Crowley says now she has to do what he says, so she’ll do the spell to put Lucifer back in the Cage.

Castiel investigates the forest, and runs smack into the cutest little bean counter Heaven has to offer.  Her name is Ambriel, she’s an angel, she has great hair and glasses, and she makes awkwardly funny about Cas’s penchant for killing his own kind.  I adore her on sight.  Can we keep her, please?

Cas waves his blade around, demanding to know if “they” say he kills angels.  Ambriel suggests they work together, so “no one murders anyone,” and Castiel agrees, putting away his angel blade.  He looks so disappointed that he won’t get to murder anyone!

Castiel says he never wanted his own kind to hate him, and Ambriel assures him that she doesn’t hate him, since they have a lot in common.  They both look awesome in a trench coat, and their names rhyme, after all!  She then tells him that she searched the other end of the forest and didn’t see anything weird.  Cas asks her why, in that case, is it dark in the middle of the afternoon?  (Sidebar: do you think he’s enjoying the first time ever he gets to be the knowing one?)  She admits this is an excellent question, and he raises his eyes to the sky in long-suffering exasperation.  I’ve seen that look on many people’s faces, usually because of something I said or did.  Which makes no sense, because I am both funny and adorable.

Oh my God, you guys, I think I love Ambriel so much because I am her.  So what do you think will happen to the show’s version of me?

Ambriel tells Castiel that she knows the stories about him, and thinks they’re both expendable, since they aren’t heroes, but they do the job, and she thinks there’s nobility in that.  Wow.  She’s self-hating too?  It’s like looking in a mirror, people.  Well, a mirror that reflects a far more attractive person who is also probably younger.  But other than that!

Cas hangs back a bit, saddened by her assessment, and says he’ll catch up.  Really, Cas, you should realize she clearly heard these stories from Metatron, who sucks.  Maybe you could go beat him up again to feel better?  You enjoyed that.

Ambriel stumbles across Amara’s body, and leans over her.  Amara wakes up, grabs her, and eats her.  So I don’t last more than a couple of scenes because Cas needed to contemplate his navel.  Sigh.  Seems pretty fitting, honestly.  Fare thee well, you gorgeous little me!

One effect I really liked: as Amara healed, all the darkness sort of rushed up back inside of her, making it daylight again.  That was pretty cool.  What isn’t cool (maybe we could even call it uncool?  Sorry not sorry!) is the conversation that girlfriend Amara has with ex-boyfriend Cas, where she calls him weak and used up and not even worth the effort to kill.  Sure there, Amara.  You not killing him has nothing to do with how pissed off Dean would be if you did.

You know, she didn’t even try to convince him to join a three way with her and Dean.  Bush league, Amara.  I mean, I know you’ve only been alive for like six months, but that’s the kind of short sightedness I just can’t get behind.  Then she says she has a job for him anyway, and teleports him away.  She leans up against a tree, clearly winded.

Cas appears in the warehouse, gasping and in obvious pain.  Billie barely looks up from her reading.  “Hey,” she says, totally placid.  Maybe she’s mildly annoyed he interrupted her when she got to the good part.  Between her and Rowena, this season is about men who freak out and the women who roll their eyes at them.

Sam and Lucifer are back in the cage (but not the Cage, just the temporary holding cell from last episode).  They are arguing.  Lucifer argues that because Raphael and Gabriel are dead and Michael’s in no shape to be fighting, he’s really their best shot.  He says he knows he’s not the good guy, but he’s willing to pitch in and help out.  He’s so into his pep talk, it’s amazing.  Sam wants to know what happens once the Darkness is defeated.  Lucifer says he’ll move to L.A. and solve crimes (ha!), but Sam thinks he’ll just re-start the apocalypse.  Lucifer is hilariously defensive when he protests that Sam doesn’t really know he’d do that, but then says even if he did, it was better than what Amara had in store for them.  Sam still refuses to say yes, and so Lucifer starts with the physical persuasion portion of the evening.

Castiel has made it down to Limbo, and shows off Amara’s message.  His chest is burned with the words “I am coming.”  What the actual fuck is that?  I mean, yes, I know they are words.  I guess this was just an excuse to see Misha Collins’s chest?  That’s okay by me.  Maybe I should stop complaining when the show tosses half-naked hotties at us.

They hear Sam’s yells, and Dean and Castiel run into Limbo.  Lucifer calls them “Dean and the other one,” even though he makes it clear a few seconds later that he knows Castiel’s name.  He snaps them into the cage, and then decides they need some ambiance.  “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel” starts playing overhead, and Lucifer dances for a few seconds.  It is wonderful.  He looks so happy.  You know how you feel when you run into an old friend, and you didn’t realize how much you missed them till you saw them again?  That’s sort of how I feel about Mark Pellegrino.  I missed you so much as Lucifer, Mark, and I didn’t even realize it till you came back!

The expression on Dean’s face is wonderful.  He literally cannot believe that this shit is happening.  And Castiel attacks.  Lucifer pretends to beat him up while whispering that he’s the only one who can take out the Darkness, and that Castiel knows it.  When Castiel isn’t convinced, he starts beating him up for real.

Anteroom.  Rowena is getting the spell ready.  She cautions Crowley that if Sam says yes, Lucifer will be anchored to earth in his new vessel, and the banishment spell won’t work.

Back to the cage.  Lucifer briefly gets the upper hand.

Anteroom.  Rowena lights the candles.

Cage.  Lucifer beats on Sam some more, then attacks Dean.

Anteroom.  Rowena pulls out an athame and slices her palm.

Cage.  Lucifer has Dean pinned, but Castiel jumps on his back.  Cas is thrown against the bars.  He goes for his blade, but Lucifer steps on it.

Anteroom.  Rowena spits into one of her hands.

Cage.  Lucifer draws back his fist to deliver a killing blow.  “Any last words?” he asks.

Anteroom.  Rowena incants and claps her hands together.

Cage.  A brilliant yellowish light engulfs Lucifer and the cage, and when it fades, Lucifer is gone.

OR IS HE????

Aftermath.  Crowley complains about how big a waste of time that was, and tells the boys he’s keeping Rowena.  Then he kicks them out of Hell.

The boys exit the warehouse, and Castiel tells them to go on ahead.  The boys depart, Sam wondering if Cas is okay.  Dean thinks they all just need time, and Sam wonders if he should have said yes to Lucifer.  Dean disagrees, because he thinks that having Lucifer topside along with the Darkness would’ve been a nightmare.

Back in the Limbo anteroom.  Rowena is massaging Crowley’s temples and looking pained.  Crowley asks why she hates him, and she gives him a long yarn about her terrible upbringing and what he reminds her of when she looks at him.  She ends by saying that if she didn’t hate him, she’d love him, and love is a weakness she’ll never allow herself to feel again.  It’s a great little scene, and excellent work by the actress.

It’s really too bad it’s going to be overshadowed by what’s about to happen.

We hear a noise like a metal door screeching shut, and Crowley looks over to see a suddenly healed Castiel.


Flashback.  Lucifer asks for last words, and Castiel’s are, “Can you really beat her?”  When Lucifer confirms that yes, he can, CASTIEL SAYS YES.

So he is “Casifer” for the duration of this experiment.  That was the portmanteau I liked best.

Casifer flings a terrified Crowley against the wall, and flirts with Rowena.  He frees her from the witchcatcher, confirms she’s the only one who can open the Cage, and snaps her neck.

Fucking DAMMIT, I have to lose two female characters I like in the same episode?  And what’s with murdering all the sassy redheads?  Anna, Abaddon, Charlie, and now Rowena.  Four is a pattern, and I bet I could think up more if I wanted.  You have a problem, Supernatural!

All right, onward.  Since I knew this was going to happen way before I watched the episode, I was afraid that Castiel saying yes was going to be contrived somehow, or make no real sense.  I couldn’t understand why Castiel would ever agree to become Lucifer’s vessel, knowing what he knows about him and how dangerous he is.  But really, I understand it now.  Castiel’s spent the whole season feeling weak and expendable because of Rowena’s spell and the recovery.  In reality, a lot of his feelings of weakness likely stretch all the way back to Season Eight, when he was briefly human, and then with the stolen grace issues.  He hasn’t been a fully powered angel for a really long time.  And being told over and over that he’s not a hero, that he’s not going to help in the fight, clearly wore on him.  And here’s Lucifer, his brother, an archangel who’s faced the Darkness once before, and is ready and willing to face her again.  This is how Castiel feels he can help, and I think it’s a great and subtle look at the process of his thoughts.

Finally: this should’ve been the episode before the fall hiatus, not the last one.  I know it was exciting, with Sam trapped with Lucifer and all, but how much shit would you have lost if the last thing we saw before the break was Casifer, free and ready to bust some heads?

Hello everyone!  IS THE ELECTION OVER YET???

We start the episode in a park, with a bunch of fundamentalists talking about God’s wrath and fire. Amara’s there, all grown up now, and talks to the leader. She finds out that God gets irritated, and so decides to try to irritate him. She calls down lightning and murders the fundamentalists, then asks the sky, “Well?”

Now to another of Sam’s visions, this time of him in the Cage with Lucifer. When he snaps out of it, he asks God if what he’s seeing is really what God wants. A nearby bush catches fire.

Dean and Sam argue about Sam’s visions and seeing Lucifer. Or rather, they discuss it very loudly. Dean tries to argue that “sometimes bushes just burn!” Oh, Dean. Sam wants to know what Dean thinks they should do instead, but Dean doesn’t really have any answers.

So they go to meet with Crowley, in an atmospheric alleyway, to find out if they can talk to Lucifer. Crowley doesn’t really want to help them, and they fight about the Darkness. Crowley calls her Dean’s girlfriend, and asks what their relationship really is. Dean doesn’t want to answer that, so he tells Crowley that Amara is God’s sister.

Crowley, ever practical: “He has relatives?” Ha! Then they get down to business. Crowley thinks there’s a way they can talk to Lucifer, and it has to be in hell, so they have some measure of control. Oh, ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. These silly boys, thinking they’ll ever have any control over Lucifer.

Voiceover of some guy urging all angels to stand together and fight. Then we’re in a room, and it’s that same angel from the third episode, the one who had a drink with a demon in that bar. The way it’s shot, I think at first that he’s practicing a motivational speech, and it’s pretty funny, especially with how completely earnest he is about the whole thing. But then it pans out and we see he’s got other angels with him.

The angels complain that the Darkness is God’s sister, and so she’s God’s problem, not theirs. Our brave little toaster angel rightfully points out that since God’s not around, she’s likely to take out her anger on his creation, including them. A little more of this and he’s successful in convincing them to band together and fight the Darkness.

Amara’s found a church, now. It’s large and picturesque and almost totally empty except for a few women praying, and the priest. Amara tells the priest that she needs to talk to God – a meeting “in a room.” He clearly has no idea what she’s talking about or what he’s dealing with, so he tries all the priestly platitudes about faith and prayer. He urges Amara to try prayer out, and hilariously, she does.

Any guesses on what her prayer was? “Dear Brother, if you don’t get your worthless ass down here RIGHT NOW I am going to SMASH ALL YOUR TOYS!” Or something. Shockingly, it doesn’t work, so she and the priest chat a bit about God. She’s pretty disgusted when she finds out what Christianity’s all about, and offended when the priest says that God is the Light that banishes the Darkness. Well, can you really blame her for that? So she starts with the killing.

Crowley’s back on his throne, and he’s captured Rowena somehow. Just go with it, because they need her. They bicker till the Winchesters come in, and Rowena is disgusted that Crowley’s just handing her over to them. She mocks Dean for whatever horror he’s unleashed on the world now. In all fairness, that wasn’t Dean. That was Sam, and Cas, and Rowena herself. Dean told them not to do it, so I don’t think it’s fair to blame him.

Instead, they’re going to work together, even if they don’t trust each other. They explain the Cage to her, and discuss the warding. Rowena says she needs the Codex and Charlie’s codebreaker, and asks what’s so dangerous about the Cage. She’s very hesitant to help, but once Sam tells her they’re going to talk to Lucifer, then she’s all on board. I mean, come on, boys. That should’ve been a gigantic clue as to what was going to happen.

Back to church. Amara has killed everyone and is in the process of eating the priest’s soul. Then she yells at her brother for letting this happen.

Dean went to investigate the church, which seems like a waste of time considering what they’re planning. He and Sam chat on the phone. Why the hell did Dean go to this church in the first place? I mean, it’s Amara, of course, but they didn’t know that till he got there. Dean tells Sam he hates “this” – meaning Sam’s planned chat with Lucifer. He tells Sam not to do anything till Dean gets there.

Okay, number one: how did Dean even learn about the church thing? Number two: why even go? Based on the conversation he has with Sam, they had no idea it was an Amara thing until he got there and talked to the witnesses. Oh, and three: what fucking witnesses? Weren’t they all dead?

Well, this is all just a way to get Dean and Sam separated, of course. So let’s check in with Sam, why don’t we?

He and Rowena are at the bunker, and arguing about whether or not Sam trusts her – I mean, the answer is obvious. Rowena mocks him for his daddy issues, and then finds whatever it is she’s been looking for. So they’re ready to head to hell.

With how quickly she found it, I can only assume that Rowena found it before their talk, and delayed telling Sam so she could needle him. See, this is why I love Rowena. She always takes the time for the important stuff, like sarcasm.

Dean wanders around a children’s park, and then everything goes quiet. Sound comes back briefly, and he orders a hot dog. Sam calls, but he ignores it, because he turns and sees Amara standing in front of him.

Rowena is pissed at the wait, and so Sam decides to move forward even though he can’t get in touch with Dean. To be fair, he did try.

Amara transports Dean…somewhere. In the wilderness. They talk, it’s vaguely boring. Nothing we don’t already know. They have a special bond, they will always help each other, they can’t kill each other. Amara does talk a little about her plans. She says that the souls she’s consumed are a part of her now. Dean wants to know what she plans to do after fighting God, and she won’t tell him. Oh, and Amara tells Dean she and God had no daddy, so they can’t go back next season and fight God’s father I guess. Maybe they had a mom.

So now’s as good a time as any, I guess, to express my abject disappointment that Amara is God’s sister, and not God’s wife. There’s even mythological precedent! Yahweh or El are the typical names used for the Christian God, and Asherah or Athirat is his consort/wife in both the Israelite and Ugaritic pantheons. Christianity typically considers her a demon, but they consider all creatures that aren’t God or angels demons so whatever to them. And personally, I don’t see how there can be a God but not a Goddess for Creation to exist. Most species on Earth require a male and a female for procreation. So I would’ve preferred for Amara to be God’s wife, but whatever. I guess that ship has sailed.

All right. Hell. Crowley claims they’re in “limbo” which is where he banishes pesky souls, but is not the same as Purgatory. It’s secure and in the farthest reach of hell, so ideal for meeting Lucifer. Rowena sets up, marking up a cage with symbols, and assures Sam she’s a total professional so the warding won’t fail. She’s exceedingly giddy throughout the process, lighting up the symbols and surrounding the cage with fire, and then saying she was going to have a try at the actual Cage.

You know what I just realized? That fire is probably some kind of holy oil, to keep Lucifer from breaking free. I thought it was just ambiance. I’ll show myself out.

Rowena continues. The fire flares, and then dies down a little, and then Lucifer appears, all glowy eyes. He bitches at Crowley for sucking in general, but his tune changes when he catches sight of Sam. He’s so excited! “Hug it out!” Oh man, I missed you, Lucifer.

Crowley and Rowena are in the background, trying to figure out what Sam and Lucifer are saying. They argue about whether it was okay for her to try to kill him. Crowley, I mean, not Lucifer. They’re so cute together, guys. I want them to reconcile.

Lucifer wants to know what’s up, as “I don’t really get visitors.” Aw! Why does that make me feel bad for him? He’s the ultimate bad boy, I guess. Sam and Lucifer talk about the Darkness. Lucifer wants to know where God is, and Sam tells him about the visions he’s been getting. He’s quite excited that God wanted Sam to talk to him. Oh, and Lucifer says that the Darkness is “determined to take over everything…prone to tantrums.” Like somebody else we know, I think! Like aunt, like nephew?

Dean and Amara. She’s still pissy about God. Why couldn’t these two yahoos just make their own creations? Was the universe too small for them both? Couldn’t they both have their own toys and play quietly next to each other?

Sam and Lucifer continue talking. Lucifer mentions he needs a vessel. Sam is shocked – SHOCKED – at this turn of events. I guess he thought Lucifer would just tell them how to defeat the Darkness. But how on earth did Sam think he’d be able to accomplish it, considering he’s just a human?

Okay, dumb question. But I was surprised by how shocked Sam was about the whole vessel thing.

Dean tries to kill Amara with an angel blade. Of course, it doesn’t work. He looks very surprised. Amara makes to eat Dean’s soul, but instead they kiss.

Sam and Lucifer argue. Well, Sam yells, and Lucifer is all, yeah, I do need your vessel. I do think it’s hilarious that Lucifer is offended that Sam thinks he’s crazy, considering that Sam is working with Crowley, which makes him even crazier, and crazy people shouldn’t throw stones at glass houses or something like that.

Dean and Amara break apart, and Dean is horrified by the whole bond thing. Their conversation gets interrupted by Toaster and two of his henchangels, who say they’re taking Amara into custody. If she fights, Heaven will team up against her in a single nuclear angel blast. She kills all three of the angels without a thought. Including our brave little motivational Toaster.

I guess you could say he was…toasted.

You shut up. That was an excellent joke and I have been waiting for WEEKS to use it!

The sky starts to boil, and Amara says maybe God will finally hear her. She sends Dean back to the park, and we see Heaven’s blast engulf her.

Okay, I know she’s supposedly evil and all, but that was pretty fucking badass, am I right?

Dean reappears at the park, and nobody even notices. Sadly for him, he doesn’t get his hot dog.

Sam tells Lucifer he’ll never say yes to him, and the warding starts to fail. The fire dies. Crowley is horrified, but Rowena just tells him to follow her and they leave the chamber or wherever they are. Lucifer brings Sam into the cage. Sam says he actually feels very calm, just as his visions indicated he would. But then Lucifer reveals that it wasn’t God who’d sent Sam the visions, it was him. Because the Cage was damaged when the Darkness was freed, he was able to peek through and send out messages to the outside.

A tear slides down Sam’s face, and I’d mock the single manly tear thing, except Sam looks so freaking lost. We never see Sam look hopeless, and we don’t often see him cry. Dean’s the more emotional one, despite his whole “no chick flick moments” shtick. But Sam, he’s more level headed. This isn’t to say he’s not kind, because I think he’s kinder and more empathetic than Dean.

But Sam has always wanted to believe in God and in angels. He used to pray. (My personal headcanon is that he stopped praying after the Cage, but that he started up again when he started getting the visions – hence, “It’s been awhile” when he was sitting in the chapel back in Episode 2.) He was disappointed in what angels were when he first met Cas and Uriel, but I think he still had some faith in God. And he’s been thinking he’s been communicating with God, and that in turn God cares about him and the rest of the world enough to send the messages. But now, knowing that God wasn’t the one who did it, that he hasn’t been there for Sam or anyone else, that he likely doesn’t even care? Man, that tiny moment spoke VOLUMES to me about Sam Winchester’s faith. And seeing it crumble broke my fucking heart.

I mean. Not enough that I don’t want Lucifer around, of course. And we will be seeing more of him, of course, since Sam’s locked in the cage with him and all.

So I guess Rowena’s warding failed only enough to bring Sam into the cage for an up close and personal talk? Or is Lucifer free to leave, but doesn’t, because he doesn’t have a vessel so it would be pointless? We never really find out, so I guess it doesn’t matter that much.

This episode felt very Whedonesque to me.  I actually looked the episode’s writer up to see if she was a former Buffy/Angel/Whedonverse writer, but as far as I can tell, she isn’t.  But the absurdity of this episode felt very like an old school Buffy episode, with Dean standing in as straight man for Buffy (or Angel, depending on the episode in question I guess).  The episode was also directed by our very own Gabriel, or Richard Speight Jr. as I guess he is also known, so I suppose the whimsy makes sense.

Anyway.  We start in a little girl’s bedroom.  She’s having a tea party with her imaginary friend, a sort of man-unicorn hybrid she calls Sparkles.  The little girl leaves to go to dinner with her parents, and Sparkles settles in with a book.  A little later, an unknown person enters the room and murders him.  When the little girl comes home, she sees the horror before her and screams.

Bunker.  Sam gets up and makes some coffee and completely ignores the kitchen table totally full of unhealthy treats.  Sully hops out of nowhere to surprise Sam, and Sam punches him.  Hee!  Dean, hearing the ruckus, enters, and sees Sam holding on to thin air.  Sam is confused that Dean can’t see Sully, and says he was Sam’s imaginary friend when he was little.  Dean wants his gun, and refuses to believe Sully exists even when he can see him.  They fight, and finally go to the library, where Sam finds a passage about zannas, which are helpful creatures that assist lonely children.

Sully wants them to check out Sparkles’s case, because he knows they’re badass hunters.  Dean agrees reluctantly, and they end up outside the house.  Sam offers to handle this alone, but Dean refuses, and they go up to the house and introduce themselves to the little girl’s mom as county-appointed grief counselors.  They look like a Mr. Rogers strip-o-gram (and THAT is a fetish I could’ve lived forever without knowing I had, so thanks a lot, Supernatural), so I don’t know why she believes them, but she lets them in and takes them up to the bedroom.  Maddie, the girl, won’t sleep in there.

Somehow they manage to get this mother of a troubled child to leave the strange men alone in her daughter’s bedroom, and Sully lets them see the bloodbath.  Jesus, the blood is glittery!  Somebody had a hell of a lot of fun with the set design, I think.  Dean notices the glitter, and Sully says that Sparkles couldn’t stop shining even in death.  Shine on, you poor dead mancorn.  Shine on.

The mom comes back in and cleans up the tea set, unknowingly smearing blood all over herself as she talks, which horrifies the boys.  See?  Whedonesque.  Dean suggests a family shower, and I guess the mom is so worried about her kid that she doesn’t realize how obsessive this strange man is being about her family’s personal hygiene.

Flashback to little Sam, who is disappointingly not Colin Ford because Colin Ford had the audacity to actually grow up.  Sully is with Sam, and encourages him to answer the phone.  It’s young Dean, and they got that great kid from Season Ten back for this short scene.  Young Dean tells Sam that he can’t go on the hunt with them, and that he needs to wait at the hotel.  He belittles him for having an imaginary friend too, because young Dean has clearly been spending way too much time with his asshole of a father.

Back to the present.  Somewhere else, another little girl is playing in her pool with her mermaid imaginary friend.  The little girl leaves, and again, mermaid’s dead.

Sully leads the boys to this house too, and they see the dead mermaid.  They bury her, and how long was that family going to be gone for anyway?  They’re there a really long time.  So Sully thinks maybe Nicky’s (the mermaid’s) boyfriend Weems might’ve killed her, since Nicky and Sparkles maybe had a thing on the side.

Another flashback, same hotel room.  Sam and Sully are playing a game where they talk about things they might want to do.  Sam confesses that he sometimes thinks about running away.

Present.  Weems is hanging with his charge, and starts cleaning up their toys when the boy goes in to get ready for bed.  He wanders around some laundry drying (who has that many sheets?) and gets stabbed.

You know, Sully really sucks as a manager.  He didn’t think to send out an APB on the zanna killer?  Let the others in the area know to be careful?  Doesn’t even have a special zanna cleanup crew for poor Maddie’s room?  Anyway, so they go to interview Weems and find him nearly dead, and tell him about Nicky and Sparkles.  Weems is devastated, because that’s their whole “crew,” and I’m telling you this feels like a Whedon episode.  I’m not complaining, it’s just a little odd.  Supernatural has its share of comedy and absurdity, but it has a different feel than what we’re seeing here.

Weems then realizes who Sam is, and tells Sam that when Sam rejected Sully, Sully was devastated.  Sam then remembers it happening, where Sully had packed for them to leave but Sam had gotten a call from John, telling him he could join them on the hunt.  How fucking old is Sam supposed to be here?  John just expects him to travel to wherever he and Dean are and join them?  Did Jeffrey Dean Morgan piss off the writers at some point, because really, he’s the worst father in the history of the universe.  So Sam and Sully fight, and Sam says he wishes he could unmake Sully and runs off.

Oh and during this, Weems remembered seeing a girl and a VW Bug, and Dean takes off to try and track the killer.  I’m so happy this doesn’t work, because that would just be dumb.

Back in the present, Sam apologizes to Sully for how he treated him.  Sully says he doesn’t consider Sam to be his biggest failure, because he kept track of Sam and knows he saved the world and all that good stuff.  Sam tells him about the Darkness and his visions, and Sully wants to know if Sam still thinks about running away.  He doesn’t, and hasn’t for a long time.  I wonder when the last time he thought about it was.  Back in “Shadow,” he talked about wanting to kill the demon and go back to his normal life.  Sometime in the second season, I bet.  I don’t think he thought about running away after “All Hell Breaks Loose.”  He stayed in the game after Dean died, albeit drunkenly, and in Season Five when he and Dean briefly parted ways, it was more because Sam was worried about the demon blood thing than any desire to have a normal life.

Dean texts Sam and tells him he found the girl and where to meet him, but when Sam and Sully arrive, it turns out the girl managed to overpower Dean and tie him up, and she texted because she wants to kill Sully.  She was one of his kids too, and her twin sister was killed when they were playing tag and the sister ran into the street.  Man, Sully has a terrible track record.  I just don’t know that I’d trust him to be my kid’s imaginary friend, you know?

Sully goes all angsty and apologizes, and says that if it really will make the girl feel better, she can kill him, because he does what the kids need.  But Dean manages to talk her down and she and Sully hug, and then she gets to just go on her merry way even though she’s a murderer, because murdering creatures is different than humans, even when those creatures are established as being basically as good as humans.

That’s what the spinoff should’ve been.  None of that Chicago first families bloodlines crap.  Supernatural cops!  I await my check, CW!

Denouement.  Sully makes himself vanish after bidding Sam and Dean goodbye.  As they drive away, Sam talks about the Cage.  Dean insists they’ll find another way to beat the Darkness, and Sam says that’s fine, but wants to know what that is.  Dean doesn’t have an answer for him.  So we’re going to be seeing Lucifer pretty soon, I think.

Overall, not my favorite episode of the season, but it was fun and engaging and made me forget it was basically filler.  Next time we’ll get to the good stuff.

{October 8, 2016}   Supernatural: Plush

Good afternoon!  I spent the whole day shopping for Samhain decorations, because apparently I threw a whole bunch out last year.  I came up with practically nothing!  Has anyone ever noticed how awful and chintzy Samhain/Halloween decorations are these days????

This one’s a case fic, and I’m actually pretty excited about it!

The episode starts with a lazy jackass watching sports while his wife nags him to take out the overflowing trash.  Of course, he won’t, because he is a lazy jackass, so she huffs and takes it out herself.  Outside is a guy in a huge bunny mask, very Donnie Darko except somehow even creepier.  Donnie kills them both.

Cut to the bunker.  Sam’s in his bedroom, praying.  He wants God to give him more specific visions.  Geez, Sammy, greedy much?  Keep helping me since I can’t figure it out myself!  I thought you were a Ravenclaw, buddy.

Okay, that was unnecessarily mean.  Anyway, Dean comes up and they argue about whether God’s actually trying to help them.  Dean of course falls on the side of hell no, since he didn’t even bother to show up for the apocalypse.  Sam thinks he might be because Amara’s his sister.  Dean cuts the argument short because he gets a call from Donna.

Donna is really excited to see the boys, and they hug.  I really like that Sam and Dean have friends now who don’t die immediately.  One of the things I liked about the earlier seasons was that Bobby and Garth and even Gordon made a sort of “hub” that showed the boys weren’t totally alone in the hunting life.  Anyway, so she introduces them to Officer Doug, who clearly has giant heart eyes for all things Donna.  Also he might be cute if he just shaved off the pornstache.

Another thing I liked about this episode: Officer Doug has a crush on Donna, and Sam and Dean are two very attractive men she is close with, and he never displays any jealousy or male posturing.  Big points in your favor, Doug.

Dean even mentions the crush after Doug wanders off, but Donna’s dismissive, because he’s a cop named Doug and she isn’t going to be “once bitten, twice Doug’ed.”  I love that line.  It goes up there with some stuff from later in the season as one of the best lines of the whole season.

So Donna tells them about Donnie, and lets them see him in his weird cell that seems to take up an entire hallway.  That’s weird, right, the way Sam and Dean are wedged in front of the cell door to talk to him?  He’s silent and creepy, and after the boys make some bad rabbit jokes they decide he’s possessed by a ghost, which has Donna a little aghast.  She offers them a container of salt that she carries around with her to pour over food so she doesn’t eat it (I have done this trick too, and it does work as long as you actually do it).  For some reason the boys don’t take her up on that offer, and she has to go deal with something.

Dean somehow gets too close to the door and Donnie manages to grab him.  He’s really strong, but when Sam finally manages to free Dean from his grip, they notice that Donnie’s flannel shirt has fallen open, and he’s wearing a Minnesota Tech T-shirt and has a tattoo that says “Kylie Forever.”  A clue!

The boys work their way through the list of Kylies who are students at Minnesota Tech.  Donnie could’ve meant Kylie Minogue, you know.  Or Kylie Jenner.  Ha, I wish it had been Kylie Minogue, that would’ve been funny seeing Dean’s reaction.  I bet he’s a fan.

So the last Kylie on the list is Donnie’s girlfriend, whose real name turns out to be Mike.  Kylie’s super worried about him because they went to a costume store a few days before, and he tried on the bunny mask as a joke but got weird, and just left the store without saying anything.  He left his wallet and phone there too, so that’s why nobody could identify him.  Kylie says that Mike didn’t know Stan (the jackass from the start of the episode).

Donna and Doug are getting Donnie (heh) ready to transport – I guess to a hospital, to try to get the mask off?  They’d gotten him into a wheelchair and need to get him in the van.  Doug offers to try, and Donna takes offense because she thinks it’s because she’s a girl and that he thinks she’s weaker.  She does Crossfit, you know!

Never change, Donna.  I’m serious.  You’re the best.

So Donna can’t lift Donnie, and gets a little indignant and rude with Doug about it.  Neither of them can, even working together.  Dean calls Donna then, and Donnie makes his move while they’re distracted.  Doug ends up killing him because he goes after Donna, and once Donnie’s dead, the mask falls off.

They burn the bunny mask later that night, and Donna is pretty depressed about poor college boy Mike who shouldn’t have had to die.  The boys reassure her that none of it’s her fault, but it clearly doesn’t help very much.

Cut to a high school gym.  Dudebro and his coach are talking about manly stuff like reps and steroids.  The coach wants Dudebro to lay off the drugs, but Dudebro isn’t having it.  Coach retreats to his office while Dudebro gets his swerve on (is that the proper term?).  Dudebro’s listening to music, so he doesn’t notice when a creepy court jester comes in and goes after the coach.  He does hear the scuffle, though, and rushes in to save the coach.  All hail Dudebro, the dudeliest of bros.

Anyway.  Sam and Dean talk to Dudebro about what he saw.  Dean tries to bond with Dudebro about reps, for some reason, but gets a bit intimidated when he finds out how much Dudebro can bench.  Well sure, but can he kill a Wendigo or an angel?  I think not.  Dudebro doesn’t know who plays the mascot.  Meanwhile, Doug is somewhat suspicious of all these murders being similar, so Donna spins a copycat killer theory so transparent that the only reason Doug believes her is probably his crush, and his respect for his boss.  I mean really, it’s bad.

Sam and Dean are back at the jail now, and decide to shoot the mascot with rock salt rather than toss Donna’s handy salt on it, like seriously that girl could’ve been really hurt by that.  Anyway, Donna’s upset again, because the kid doesn’t remember anything after going to pick up the new costume.  Dean says quietly they can let the girl go, since nobody knows she did it (and she didn’t actually do it) and just say the person escaped.  Donna thinks that’s a good way to lose her job, but agrees.

Now Sam and Dean are going to see Rita, who was the one who donated all those masks.  They belonged to her brother Chester, who recently committed suicide.  He was a children’s performer, and quite possibly also a furry if I am understanding things correctly.  Rita gives them a list of the costumes she donated, and denies that Chester knew Stan or Phil (the coach).

Fun fact: Chester is played by the same actor who played the angel Inias in Season Seven.  Did we ever find out what happened to him?  I think he died.  But I also think it would be fun if he just went back to Heaven, and Chester was his vessel.  That would’ve been fun, but I guess probably would’ve sent the storyline of the episode off the rails a bit.

Donna sends Doug to collect the rest of the costumes.  A creepy clown goes into the hospital and finishes Phil off.

Of course Sam ends up with the clown, and the scene is hilarious and cute.  We see Sam stiffen when the clown gets on the elevator, and silently freak out as the clown just stands there, looking at him.  Then it’s like Sam’s brain catches up, and the clown starts to go after him, but he uses the railroad spike or whatever he has and the spirit rushes away.

Knowing what we know, why the fuck was that clown mask even used?  There is no universe in which that is a happy good fun times clown.  Well, I guess in Pennywise’s universe, maybe.  But I bet that fucking mask would’ve freaked Pennywise out, too.

Donna continues to spin her copycat killer theory with Doug, and then snaps at him to go get the rest of the costumes already, buster.  After he leaves, Sam asks why Donna’s being such a bitch (not his actual words) and that Doug seems nice.  Donna gets pissed and tells Sam to mind his own business.  And yeah, I’m with her.  First off, Sam: you aren’t in the position to be giving anybody advice on their love life.  I know it’s a low blow, but come on.  You fucked a demon for, like, a year.  An evil demon.  Second off: I know you mean well, but the “but he’s so nice, give him a chance!” really rubs me the wrong way.  Why does she have to like him because he’s nice to her?  You’re implying that he’s owed something for being a decent human being.  Yeah, I’m 100% on Donna’s side here.

Yes, yes, I know, Sam’s really trying to be a good friend, and Donna’s hang up about this guy is about her ex-husband, not him.  I get it, I do.  He could’ve found a much better way of talking to her about it.  And since it’s Sam, Captain Emotional Support, I’m kind of surprised he didn’t.

During all this, Dean has found out that Phil and Stan were besties, and also that Phil’s widow hated Chester because Phil and Stan accused Chester of molesting some kids.  The boys find out that Stan and Phil told Rita about their suspicions, but that Chester killed himself before they could confront him.  Dean thinks maybe it wasn’t actually suicide.

This is rough, you guys, and it’s handled in a surprisingly delicate way for this show.  I feel bad for Chester, because it’s pretty clear from the script that the allegations were made up, that Chester was just a weird socially awkward guy who enjoyed making kids happy.

We end up at Rita’s house, and Max, her son, lets Dean in and tells Dean that his uncle didn’t do those awful things.  They talk a little about Chester, and then Rita comes in with Sam, pissed that they’re talking to her kid without her.  They confront her about Chester’s spirit, and she admits she knew about the allegations, that she thought they were crap at first but then got worried about her own son and his close relationship with Chester.  So she called Stan and Phil and told them where to find Chester.  We see a flashback of Chester in a deer costume leaving an elementary school.  Phil and Stan roll up and redneck all over him, and then take him to a bridge and dangle him upside down till he confesses.  Because this is the best way to get to the bottom of what actually happened, obviously.  Fuck them, I’m glad they’re both dead.  Chester slips out of their grasps and falls to his death.

Donna calls Sam then, and tells him that all the costumes were burned.  Except whoopsie, Max kept one, that deer head, and now he’s wearing it.  Dun dun dun!

Fight scene.  The spirit appears, and Max begs him not to hurt anyone.  I thought they were going to go the “peace and love” route here, where Chester would see his family and move on, but I guess that’s only for Bobby and that one ghost girl from the third season.  Fight fight fight, till Sam manages to burn the deer head, and Chester vanishes.

Donna and Doug show up not long after, and Sam and Dean tell her that she’s a real, bona fide hunter now, with three cases under her belt.  She’s excited, but also glad she has a life outside of it, and tells the boys she’s sorry about how difficult their lives are.  Hugs all around, and the boys depart.  Oh, and Donna apologizes to Doug, and he offers to let her call him by his middle name, which is Lonny.  She is horrified, and says she’ll deal with Doug.

As the boys drive off, they talk about Sam’s prayers and visions.  Sam admits he’s seeing the Cage, and that he thinks he’s supposed to go back in there to find out how to beat the Darkness.  Dean is vehemently against this plan, and Sam somewhat reluctantly agrees with him.

{September 7, 2016}   Supernatural: Thin Lizzie

So today is my blog-versary!  Yay!

Okay.  That’s enough, yeah?  How about another episode of Supernatural?

I swear I was about to type “I’m trying to burn through them all before summer’s over” and I realized fucking hell, summer’s over already!

So we interrupt your regularly scheduled Darkness hunt for a good old fashioned ghost hunt!

(Not really.  But let’s pretend for a few minutes, shall we?)

The episode starts with our hapless soon-to-be-dead people in peril.  There’s a quick mention of the Ghostfacers.  Aw, I sort of miss those guys.  “Hell House” was a great episode, and “Ghostfacers” was pretty fun and creative.  The characters are somewhat annoying, but they don’t guest enough on the show for me to dislike them.

A teenaged couple are in a creepy looking bedroom, which they alluded to as being haunted.  The boy turns on an old record with horrible music, and the lights go out.  It’s spooky, and the boy is clearly hoping to use the atmosphere to get laid.  I don’t really feel super sorry for him when he’s murdered, but I do feel sorry for the girlfriend.

Okay, preliminaries over with, we’re back in the bunker with our boys.  Sam has found this as a possible hunt.  Also, possums are marsupials, which we learn because the first possible hunt Sam found involved people going crazy because they ate rabid possum meat.  Anyway, the killings happened in Fall River, at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, which Dean thinks is a terrible tourist trap name.  He quickly calls Sam on his serial killer obsession.  Have we seen this before?  It seems familiar.  I don’t think it’s something they made up for this episode.

Sam convinces Dean they should at least check it out, since they have no leads on Amara anyway.  Also, salting and burning the bones will be super easy, as the whole family’s buried right there in the same town.  Dean expresses some concern for Castiel being alone in the bunker, and Sam tells him that Cas is watching The Wire, so Dean is reassured that Cas will be fine for the duration of the hunt.  He probably won’t even notice they’re gone, honestly.  Didn’t I say we might never see him again?

B&B!  The desk clerk is arguing with the owner, who is apparently his mom.  They’ve had a ton of cancellations because of the murders, but the desk clerk forgot to cancel their standing Danish order.  Desk Clerk argues that our boys look like they can put away some pastry, and interestingly, it’s Sam’s reaction they focus on, not Dean’s.  And Sam is…agreeing?  What’s happened to you, Sammy?  I thought you were all about healthy eating and farmer’s markets.

The boys manage to talk their way into Lizzie’s actual room with some extra money to Desk Clerk, who’s just been informed that the extra pastry will come out of his paycheck.  You know what I like about this episode?  Well, one of the things I liked, at least.  They don’t pretend to be FBI, just interested civilians.  I miss when they’d do all sorts of identities and disguises.  (Me, from the future: Sigh.)  And the upshot of this scene is that the boy who died was a descendant of the Bordens, so maybe we have a motive?

We don’t.  But I’m trying to get into the spirit of a good old fashioned ghost hunt!

Okay.  The boys enter their room – Lizzie’s room – and Dean notes there’s just one bed.  He seems to think the clerk screwed them over, even though they specifically requested this room.  Sam tells him in no uncertain terms that he’s keeping the room, so if Dean wants his own bed, he’s going to have to go back to the clerk.

Of note: EMF is off the charts, but there’s no sign of anything in the room.  Sam sprays the perfume on the dresser and tells Dean it’s likely eau de toilette, which Dean finds horrifying, because Dean never learned the basics of French and probably never bought a girl perfume before.  He decides to take a walk to wash the Grandma scent off.

Sam investigates, and finds a huge EMF reader in the attic.  Dean sees a random guy taking pictures outside, and also finds a recorder with the woman crying and all the other noises guests complained about.  They regroup back in the room, and Dean shows Sam a playback device hidden by a picture.  Sam is super disappointed that Lizzie’s ghost isn’t real, but I’m not surprised at all.  I always assumed that haunted hotels would do some kind of ghostly stuff for the tourists.  Half the draw is the possibility you’ll see a ghost, right?

Dean wants to call the whole thing off, but Sam doesn’t, because he still wants to know why the kids died.  Dean suggests they chat about it over a beer and a lobster roll.  Sure, if you’re into lobster rolls, or lobster in general.  I’m not.  Lobster is just giant sea cockroaches, people.

Quick scene of the hotel’s owner being killed.  Oh, shit, now the boys are FBI.  They try to claim they were undercover, and the clerk rightly calls them out for sucking at their fake jobs.  Dean mentions the guy with the camera from earlier, and finds out it’s just somebody called Len, who’s been banned from the property for being generally creepy but is considered relatively harmless.

Now they’re in suits, and Sam is excited by the idea they might be hunting a real live serial killer, and not a ghost.  Well, yeah.  That would actually be kind of interesting, for the boys to discover it’s a real person behind killings, to see what they’d do.  Didn’t that happen once before?  Was it Season Seven, with the guy who’d been possessed by a demon in a previous case?

Anyway, they get a call from the officer who was at the scene earlier, who tells them there was another victim.  I guess “next county over” is descriptive enough, because Sam hangs up and the boys decide to split up.  Sam will cover the murder, and Dean will check on Len.

The victim was a husband and father who was found by a babysitter, Sydney.  Sydney is very helpful, and the widow is a total bitch who doesn’t care about any of this and is raising red flags all over the place, with her demanding Sam to leave and all.

Dean’s gone to Len’s house.  Len is a creepy superfan of Lizzie Borden, and also a curator of an unofficial basement museum.  He shows off his Victorian spirit camera and says he’s never been able to capture Lizzie’s spirit on film, but that he’s seen her before, as a fine gray mist.  Seems legit!  Len also mentions the restraining order that keeps him from entering the B&B, and also that there’s a gag order on said restraining order.  Dean is able to get him to tell the story by reminding Len that he’s a (fake!) federal agent.  It’s way less salacious and way less full of necrophilia than you were probably imagining.  Well, at least that’s what I was imagining.

Anyway.  Len is annoyed that he’s supposed to lead a live chat about Lizzie, which strikes Dean as odd.  A clue!

Back to Sam.  He’s trying to float his theory that the wife is evil, but the cop isn’t buying it, saying that people have freaky reactions to loss and shock.  Well, yeah.  But she still sucks, unless we find out later that he was a raping child molester or something.

Dean.  He’s going through Len’s stuff and sees a drawing of the Mark of Cain.  He gets a little aggressive with Len, who tries to fib that he found it on a ghost website.  But then he caves, and tells Dean about the young girl he met outside Lizzie’s house who had the strange birthmark.  In his memory, Len is super sweet with Amara, and gives her a little lesson in Bordenology.

Ew.  Sorry!  Just…I don’t think that came out right at all.  What I meant to say was, he tells her some history about the house and the Borden family.

This teenaged actress grates my nerves, you guys.  She’s so…ugh.  Her intonation is very flat, and she bitches about how much Lizzie’s parents sucked.  That…really isn’t a relation point for Amara, considering we find out later in the season that she had no parents.  Let’s just skip forward to Amara eating Len’s soul, why don’t we?

Dean is horrified by the story, and how old Amara is now.  He makes up that she’s a runaway, and Len is crazy desperate to find her, since she ate his soul but he doesn’t realize what she did.  Only that he feels nothing, and even the things he used to love are boring.  He doesn’t sleep or dream, which is interesting, because sleeping is sort of a prerequisite to dreaming, but whatever, let’s move on.  He tells Dean he’s sold all his Lizzie stuff, and he’s playacting at being a superfan because that’s what he remembers.  He seems to hope that if he pretends enough, he’ll go back to normal.  Also, he calls himself a “robot puppet man,” which will never not be funny.

Dean calls Sam to fill him in, and they talk about what they should do about Len, considering Jenna started murdering people.  They decide he wasn’t the one who killed the crappy lady’s husband.  Dean is concerned about having to kill Len, and Sam reminds Dean that they save people now, rather than killing them.  Dean retaliates by telling Sam he’s the one who needs to tell Len he doesn’t have a soul, considering his personal experience and all.  Sam is actually falling along the lines of not telling him at all, because there’s nothing to do about it.  He also mentions crappy lady’s attitude, so they decide maybe she’s also missing her soul.

At crappy lady’s house, no one’s home, so Sam calls Sydney, who suggests they try Don’s “special friend” and I think Don is the kid.  The kid is maybe ten, so what the fuck is she talking about “special friend”?  We never really find out.  What’s important is the boys head over to the special friend’s house, with Len in tow.  Len proves to be simultaneously the most adorable and more annoying soulless person ever, as he won’t shut up about all the stuff he used to love.  He wonders whether it’s a brain tumor or a stroke.  He says he feels like something’s hatching inside him, “something dark, with wings.”

Dean’s had enough of this, so he handcuffs Len to the car and tells him he doesn’t have a soul.  Len is aghast, and Sam is disgusted.  Len wants his soul back, but Sam tells him he can’t get it back.  Well, I guess unless your name is Sam Winchester and Death owes you a favor.  Len is happy that at least he knows what’s wrong with him now.

The boys break into Special Friend’s house, and Dean ducklips his way through the property till he finds the basement.  And then crappy lady’s dead body.  Oops.

There’s another dead guy too, but I have no idea who that is.  Don’s “special friend”?  If so, he deserved to be killed horribly.

Sam finds the kid in a closet.  Oh, so maybe the kid is called Jordy, not Don?  So I guess Don was the husband who had a special friend?  Well, then why did Sydney care so much about getting “Don” in trouble if he was already dead?  Okay, officially not caring about this.  Let’s just say he was Don’s special friend, and thus gay, and not a child molester who deserved to be killed horribly.  Now I feel bad for thinking that.

Sydney’s behind Sam with a shotgun.  I think she knocks him out?  Or maybe just forces him into the basement.

Next thing we know, Dean’s waking up from being knocked out.  Sam’s tied up in a chair.  I have no idea where Jordy is.  Not upstairs calling the police, I guess.  Sydney tells them her stupid boring story about having her soul sucked out by Amara, and how happy and blissful she is now that she doesn’t have to worry about anything.  The only funny thing about this is that Amara called Sydney “drunk girl” and advised her not to drive drunk.  Boring, whatever.  The boys get away, and Len saves them by shooting her, hooray!

Oh, if you’re curious, it turns out that Sydney’s trust fund ex-boyfriend was the guy from the beginning of the episode, and that’s why she killed them.  Really, Syd?  Honestly you seemed better off without him.  He was a tool.  Oh, and the inn owner cheated her out of two weeks’ pay.  And Jordy’s parents sucked too, I guess, since his dad was dealing meth and his mom was a slut.  If you believe Sydney, of course, which I don’t know if she’s the world’s most reliable witness.

I really wish they’d elaborated more on this whole bliss and peace thing with the Darkness.  They mention it several times but never explain what it means.

Sam has a heart-to-heart with Jordy about his family.  Jordy’s going to stay with his aunt Kathy, I guess.  Am I the only one who thinks this kid is weird?  Or, in the alternative, doesn’t care about this kid?  I guess I only have enough room in my heart for so many people in peril, and Len won the prize this episode.

In the end, Len decides he’ll take responsibility for the murders so he gets locked up, since he knows he’s going to end up like Jenna and Sydney.  Dean seems to think that he might be able to save himself, but Len disagrees.  He remembers what it felt like to do the right thing.  Aw, I like Len.  Poor guy.  I hope he does okay.

The boys are by a pier, eating lobster rolls (probably).  Sam confesses that he’s terrified of the Darkness, because they know almost nothing about her.  They decide they need to follow the bodies to find her.  They drive off, and from the woods Amara comes out.  She watches them and waves, saying she’ll see Dean soon.

{August 21, 2016}   Supernatural: Baby

“Baby” starts out with a flashforward of Dean injured in, well, baby.  What’s even more upsetting is the damage on baby herself, honestly.  Then we flash back to 48 hours previous.  I usually don’t like flashforwards, because they’re overdone, but I’ll admit it’s been awhile since I’ve seen one.  I still think the best one I ever saw was Alias, the one where she was in the plane, and when we caught up to the flashforward it explained why she was doing the things she did.

This whole episode was very clever.  When I heard they were doing an entire episode just in the car, I had no idea how it would work.  I imagined something pretty dumb, like just an hour of the boys traveling to a hunt and talking, with Crowley maybe popping in occasionally.  So I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the episode and how versatile the car’s setting was.  I feel like that’s a theme for this season for me: “I didn’t think I would like it, but then I really did!”

Flashback to 48 hours previous, and Dean is washing the Impala.  We see everything from inside the car.  Dean and Sam are talking and Dean is apparently wearing booty shorts, which we don’t get to see, and that is total BULLSHIT.  They talk about the Darkness and the search for Metatron, and that Cas is getting better.  Dean is still injured from last week, and still refusing to let Cas heal him.

Dean says he has cabin fever, and keeps washing all the cars in the bunker.  This transitions to them heading for Oregon for a case, which they think is possibly a werewolf.  Then we see Sam and Dean have one of their classic arguments about Sam’s obsession with health food, because he’s brought smoothies along for the ride, and in doing so has stolen a place for Dean’s precious beer in the cooler.  But before they can really get started on it, Cas calls.

Cas is doing research for them, and the boys chide him that he needs to relax and heal.  Sam introduces him to Netflix.  (I told you there’d be Netflix and Chill!)  We will never see him again, people.

The boys stop at some random bar, which disgusts Sam.  Sam goes to a nearby diner and Dean goes into the bar.  Dean is looking for a girl called Heather, who he met a few years back.  Sam does remember her, so he’s not making it up, even though it turns out that this Heather girl never texted Dean back.  Man, he’s really having the worst luck with the ladies lately, isn’t he?

A couple of years ago would’ve been Season Nine.  When the hell did Dean have time to hook up with a random hunter?  While Sam was recuperating from the Trials?  While Castiel was homeless?  While he had the fucking Mark of Cain?  Just no, guys.  Should’ve said it was longer ago, I think.

The joke about this is, of course, that SAM gets the nookie while Dean just randomly drinks too much and maybe gets into a fight in the bar.  Or possibly bottoms for some guy, I don’t know.  The girl was a waitress at the diner, and her name is Piper.  Something important about this scene is she’s lost her hairpin, and Sam can’t find it.  After she leaves, Dean gets into the car and puts on “Night Moves,” and this scene is so fucking cute that I can’t even with it.  They sing along and it’s just such a sibling thing.  I love it.  I love the boys’ relatively easy relationship with each other this season.  After YEARS of angst and yelling, it’s nice to see them being brothers.

Sam says he tried to give Piper his number, but she refused.  We never see her again, but since she had sex with Sam Winchester, I can only assume she walked around the corner and immediately died, or went evil.

It would’ve been really funny if she was the villain of the episode.  You know, for old time’s sake.  Maybe she’ll pop up again next season as a baddie, that would be fun.

Sam tries to get Dean to talk about wanting more with someone, maybe not marriage, but a deeper relationship.  Dean brushes him off and tells Sam to take a nap, because I guess he isn’t ready to come out to his brother.  Guess what, Dean: I would bet money that Sam already knows.

Sam wakes up, but it turns out he’s dreaming, because he’s in the car now with John.  Young John, Hot John, pre-asshole John.  They have a chat about the Darkness, and Sam realizes pretty quickly that whatever this thing is, it’s not his father.  Well, of course.  He’s being nice.  Even said something nice about Dean, which means it’s definitely not John.

The best part about this whole thing?  When he wakes up, Sam immediately tells Dean what happened, and what’s more, even tells him about the praying, the visions, and getting infected back in the first episode.  Dean is not pleased with him hiding stuff, and says there’s no way he was talking to God, but…still.  There was no stomping off, no yelling, no angry declarations, no lingering cold shoulder.

Is this – is this emotional development?  Oh my goodness, I’m just so proud of them!  Dean actually talks about his feelings!

Oh, and Dean has a thing for Aesop’s Fables.  Just FYI.

They get to the town and investigate.  The bodies were missing their hearts and drained of blood, so Dean is excited they might get to hunt a “were-pire.”  Like, the look of childish glee on his face is a beauty to behold.  Dean asked Cas to look into were-pires.

The boys head to a restaurant the deputy sheriff recommends, and Dean is horrified by the idea of valet.  The girl, Jessie, takes the car and picks up her friend, and they play loud music and drive really fast and do all sorts of teenager things.  I guess we’re supposed to be upset by this, but really, if somebody handed you the keys to the Impala for an hour, what the hell would you do?

The friend ends up leaving her purse in the car in their hurry to get back.  Dean is pleased with Jessie’s level of service and gives her a tip.

Dean drops Sam off to talk to one of the victim’s widows, and then heads to the woods where the bodies were found.  Cas calls, and Dean can’t get him to say “were-pire” either.  Cas thinks it might be something called a Whisper, which can be killed by silver.  During all this, the deputy sheriff shows up.  Dean tells Cas to hold on and we get a delightful scene of Cas describing Whispers and coming to the conclusion that the creature they’re hunting can’t be a Whisper, since those only hunt under the solar eclipse.  During all this, Dean is being beaten up by the deputy.

Cas does say “were-pire” and then hears the struggle.  Dean comes back and says he did shoot the deputy, and holy cats how fucking long has he been holding on to that joke?  That is from the third season!  (Aside: I miss Henricksen.)

The deputy isn’t dead, so Dean beheads him and puts his head in a cooler since even doing that doesn’t work.  He sends a picture of the fangs to Cas for research.

Dean and Sam talk, and Sam says it’s a pack because he was jumped by several.  They re-hash some stuff we already know and plan to meet up.  The widow he wanted to talk to was unconscious, so we next see Sam and Dean with the unconscious lady in the car.

Cas gets in touch again, and says what they’re looking for is a nachzehrer, which is a ghoul-vampire hybrid.  Of course Dean calls it a “ghoul-pire” and he is very sad that no one else shares his enthusiasm.  I’m kind of sad, too.  That’s funny!  Anyway, the way to kill them is remind them they’re dead by giving them a coin for Charon.  Cas suggests they use a penny, since they’re copper, and Sam reminds them they need pennies from prior to 1982.  I’m very happy they mentioned this, because it was what I was thinking.

They stop at a mini-mart so Sam can get some change and the widow wakes up.  She overpowers Dean and drives away to meet the deputy, who is the alpha of their pack.  She puts him back together (I don’t know if she sews his head back on or if it just reattaches itself).  The deputy alpha then drives them…somewhere, maybe the forest?  I don’t know.  What’s important is deputy alpha’s villain monologue about building his army to help fight the Darkness.  Dean overpowers them both, using items from the car.  That was fun.  He used Piper’s hairpin to pick his handcuffs, and then a penny from Jessie’s friend’s purse to kill the deputy.

Conveniently, all the other whatevers revert back to human form once the alpha is dead, and Dean takes the widow back to her kids.  He and Sam say they’re going to head home, and agree that Cas will heal them both up when they get back.  What if Cas doesn’t want to heal you two fools, ever think of that?

Yeah, I know.  Cas will do anything for Dean.

Anyway, Sam cutely declares that the boys are already home, and they drive out.

Mysogyny: Dean says “goodnight, bitch” to Sam, but that’s just their thing so I’m not counting it really.  Yeah, I’m done with this game.

et cetera